Wine Tasting Holidays in Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux is a stunning city situated in the South of France. Not only is it drenched in amazing history and interesting cultures, but it is primarily famed for it’s incredible and various wines. Thousands of tourists flock to this wonderful city every year to indulge in wine tasting breaks.

Bordeaux is home to both red and white wines and the region boasts over 287,000 acres of vineyards and 10,000 wine producing Châteaux’s. Some of the wines are exported to other countries, such as the ‘Red Bordeaux’, simply known as ‘claret’ in the UK. However, many of the incredible tastes are only found in Bordeaux itself, making it the perfect location for a wine tasting holiday, whether you’re a reverse wine snob or not.

Not only are there a large variety of wines available, but there are also many different specific wine holidays. Below are 3 of the most popular wine tasting holiday styles in Bordeaux; these include ‘Vintage Wines’, ‘Red Wines’ and ‘wine Chateaux’s’. After trying any of these wine-tasting holidays, it’s likely that you’ll want some more wine when you get home. If you didn’t purchase any at the winery, you could always consider finding some similar wines at By joining a wine club like that, you can enjoy wine deliveries to your home.

Vintage Wines

If you’re looking to experience some history, culture and great wines in Bordeaux then why not embark on a vintage wine holiday? One of the oldest wine areas in Bordeaux is St. Emilion. This city is rich in history and is listed as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites along with the vineyard that it homes. St. Emilion wines are unique and taste spectacular as they are primarily blended with Merlot.

Medoc is another historical area within Bordeaux that offers fantastic wine tasting events. Some of the most classic and prestigious estates are located within Madoc, and they have a variety of wines ranging from 1855 red classic to more recent wines, all served in this incredible historic atmosphere.

Red Wines

If you’re not such a fan of white wine, you may wish to take a wine tasting holiday that focuses specifically on red wines. Pomerol, a wonderful place located in Bordeaux, is famed for its rich and fruity red wines, which taste absolutely phenomenal.

As well as Pomerol, a red wine tasting holiday will most likely take you to St. Emilion and the Medoc area to try out the beautiful red wines there as well. There are some of the most famous red wines from Bordeaux just waiting to be tried, so why not book your holiday today?

Wine Châteaux

One of the most common ways to enjoy a wine tasting holiday is by booking into a chateau. This will have many vineyards and wine tasting events on site, so you won’t have to venture too far. These packages also usually offer transport too and from the airport at no extra cost, so there really are no worries!

Staying in a wine Chateaux will allow you to indulge in a wine tasting break 24/7 and help you meet fellow wine tasters. You will be amazed by the huge vineyards and astounded at the large variety of wines that are available for you to taste.

One of the many amazing vineyards in Bordeaux

One of the many amazing vineyards in Bordeaux


Bordeaux is renowned for its amazing wines and is one of Europe’s most popular wine tasting cities. With such a variety of wine available and many different places to stay, it’s easy to see why Bordeaux is a fantastic place to go if you’re looking for a wine tasting holiday. To get around the vast area of Bordeaux you may need to hire a car, for further information click this link.

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