The Ultimate Packing Guide When Traveling Around Europe

Are you planning to take a trip to Europe soon? You’ll need to pack several items depending on where you go. There are several that are specific to your location while others will be more general necessities. Here is our brand new guide to packing all that you will need to make your European trip a fun one.

Make Sure to Pack the Right Clothes

If you have never been there before, you should be aware that plenty of other items will be needed. For example, you need to be sure that the clothes you pack fit the occasion as well as the specific environment.


If you are visiting the ski slopes of Switzerland, you’ll need plenty of warm clothing. Sweaters, coats, scarves, wool caps, and thermal underwear should be included. But if you are hitting the beaches of Ibiza, you’ll naturally be more in need of swim trunks, beach shorts, T-shirts, and plenty of suntan lotion.

Make Sure You Have a First Aid Kit

Another key concern will be to make sure that the luggage you bring includes a first aid kit. This should be equipped with bug spray, disinfectant spray, lots of bandages, scissors, and all of the other essential first aid items. If you get into a situation that needs medical attention, this kit should be handy.

Always Bring a Portable Power Adapter

One of the most essential items that you will need for your European vacation will be a portable power adapter. This needs to be adaptable to European power sources. Keep in mind that these are very different from the type of outlets that you typically find in the USA.


For this reason, such an adapter can be an absolute lifesaver. If you should find yourself in an emergency, you will need to quickly charge up your cell phone. If you are bored while traveling on a bus or train, you can keep your laptop or phone going strong. This will keep you amused during the long ride.

Always Pack an Umbrella in Case it Rains

An umbrella is one of the most essential items that you can pack if you are planning a trip to Europe. This is because, region by region, the entire continent of Europe is one of the rainiest places on the planet. You never know when a sunny day can suddenly turn into a wet, messy rain shower.

Bring a Light Backpack for Day Hikes

Depending on where you go, you may feel the need to backpack for a bit. This will be all the more true if you are planning to hike or camp out in a remote area. If this is the case, you’ll need to bring a lightweight, portable backpack that can easily carry all of your goods. The lighter the backpack, the better.


Even if you are staying in the middle of a big city, you may still feel the ur

ge to explore a bit. In such a case, you can bring along your backpack to fill with essential goods like your first aid kit, suntan lotion, bug spray, and snacks. It’s a handy item to keep with you as you make the rounds in a new strange city.

Bring a Water Bottle with a Filter

Some parts of Europe have state-of-the-art water quality. Other parts have water that needs to be filtered before it can be called safe to drink. If you don’t know what part you’ll be in, it’s a good idea to prepare in advance. You can get a water bottle with a built-in filter to keep you safe.

Pack for Your Trip Well in Advance

The key to packing successfully for your trip to Europe will involve making up your plans well in advance. You need to know exactly where you are going and when you will arrive there. This will let you know all of the items you need to pack for the trip. Once you have it, you can be assured of your safety and fun.

Packing for a Permanent Stay

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