Why You’ll Love Spring in the Mediterranean

It has been a long and cold winter. Many of us have been aching to feel the warm rays of the sun fall upon our face once again. While the warmer weather may still be some weeks away, springtime has already begun in some parts of the world. Thus, many people decide to take a trip to one of the most famous travel destinations; the Mediterranean.

In fact, there are many reasons that springtime is considered the best time to take a cruise in this reason. Let us have a brief look at some of the main benefits travellers can enjoy when visiting the Mediterranean in the spring.



It should go without saying that the climate in this region is rather agreeable during any time of the year, but springtime is often considered the most pleasant time to visit. In particular, the months of March until May offer the most moderate temperatures and they provide a happy respite before the scorching sun of June and July arrives. The evenings are crisp and fresh while the days average around 23 degrees. Cruises are even more appropriate in the springtime, as the water will retain much of the daytime heat and the nights will not be as cold as they would inland.

Less Crowds

The peak season to travel to the Mediterranean is between June and August, as this coincides with many work and school-related vacations. Between March and late May, cruise ships can be less crowded and although most of us love children, to have a multitude of them aboard a cruise ship as during the peak season can fray even the strongest of nerves. More importantly, ports and local land attractions will not be nearly as congested as they will during the summer.

Less Booking Competition

Booking reservations on popular cruise lines such as Azamara Club Cruises can prove to be difficult during the busy season, but in the springtime it is easier to make a booking and there are more accommodation options to choose from. You can use cruise booking websites and go direct to the cruiselines themselves to search for deals – for example Celebrity cruises list all their best deals on this page of their site.

Cheaper Local Amenities

Just as cruise lines and airfares are cheaper during these off-peak months, so are the local ports of call and any cities and towns one may wish to visit. The locals also understand that the peak tourist season is when they boost prices the highest, so a springtime visit to a city such as Barcelona or Venice can save a great deal of money. This enables the visitor to further enjoy what these cultures have to offer, and it should be noted that hotel rates are also considerably less pricey than in the summer.

These are some of the main reasons why many travellers prefer to take a springtime trip to the Mediterranean. With pleasant temperatures, less crowds and lower prices, enjoying spring in the Mediterranean can provide memories that will last a lifetime.


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