Why You Have to Stay at a Themed Hotel

Can you remember all the hotels you have stayed in over the years? Probably not. That’s because many of them probably didn’t do much to stand out in your mind. While many of them may not have been unpleasant experience, they most likely weren’t memorable because they offered mediocre accommodation that was, unfortunately for them, forgettable.

You most likely remember a hotel for its beautiful design, amazing service, or because of a good or bad experience. One of the many reasons many hotels are now offering themed accommodation is because it stands out from the crowd – it provides you with an experience you’re unlikely to forget. For instance, Historic Hotels America or similar themed places can prove to be a good experience for people who want to enjoy tradition and culture. We expect to see more themed hotels emerge over the years because they offer more than just standard accommodation – and if a hotel wants to survive in the competitive hospitality industry, it has to be different.

Signature Living

One hotel company that’s doing it right has to be Signature Living – a luxurious provider of large group accommodation in Liverpool. Here guests can select from a range of themed rooms, including James Bond, Sex and the City, Burlesque, The Hangover and legendary icons.

That sounds amazing, right? Well, wait, as it’s about to get a whole lot better. Not only can you stay in a beautiful themed room, but you and a group can stay together on one duplex, suite or floor – as the hotel doesn’t separate groups into different rooms. Instead, you can enjoy each other’s company in the same accommodation, and can retire to a bedroom to enjoy a little time to yourself.

The House in the Clouds

It’s not just the interior that can make a hotel stand out – the exterior can be just as memorable. How could you possibly forget a rather peculiar building, which looks as though a house is placed in the clouds? Offering a beautiful English country style, the hotel was once just a plain water tower before it was remodelled. You have to experience it to believe it. You can stay in The House in the Clouds at Thorpeness in Suffolk.

Chocolate Boutique Hotel

The Chocolate Boutique Hotel have blended a theme and food perfectly. Not only has the hotel been inspired by chocolate, but it also offers its guest plenty of chocolate – meaning there are many reasons to fall in love with this incredible accommodation, which is located in the Soho quarter of Bournemouth. It takes the term “indulgent stay” to a whole new level, as guests will receive complimentary chocolates inside their room. Yummy!

There are so many themed hotels around the world you just have to experience – and the above are a great place to start. Look for hotels that have made a business out of providing stylish accommodation and fantastic service before you make a booking – and head to TripAdvisor to take a look at the latest reviews.

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