What you need to know about a holiday to Australia

There are over a million British people living in Australia, which is why so many of us are flying over to visit our families. Australia is a great holiday destination none the less and we are going to provide you with all the information you need before you leave. From kangaroos to the Great Barrier Reef, Australia has it all and more.

Getting there

British Airways and Qantas now work together to offer flights via Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok and a few US cities. The quickest route to Sydney is via the Middle East and takes just under twenty two hours before you arrive. There are a number of other connecting flights via places like South Africa, China, Canada and Japan, but may take up to thirty hours. If you’re flying from Manchester, remember to book Manchester airport parking online before you go to save money on parking fees.

The main cities

Most international flights end up in Sydney, but places such as Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin offer services that connect in the Far East. Virgin Airlines also offers this service as well. When you arrive in Australia, you should seriously consider a flight to Alice Springs where you can visit the famous Ayers Rock.


Remember the following

Apply online for your visa – they are free if you have a UK passport. Make sure that you get world insurance, especially for health related issues.

Make sure that you take a credit card that will work overseas and get your money changed into Australian dollars at the nearest foreign exchange.

Try whenever possible to pre-book car hire as it is cheaper when booking from the UK, along with airport parking. You can get great deals on Bristol airport parking and Birmingham airport parking from Park BCP. You only need your paper licence to be able to drive on the roads in Australia. And last, but not least – remember to pack your camera in. There will be countless opportunities to get great shots to take back home.

What to see and do

Well, there is the world famous Sydney Opera House and Bondi Beach which a simple ferry ride away. You could take a leisurely drive down to Melbourne along the beautiful coastal road or visit the stunning Swan River when in Perth.

Check out the koala bears, kangaroos and wallabies or go north and see the tropical rain forests. Then of course there is the Great Barrier Reef – something you cannot afford to miss! You can venture through the outback with a four by four or just sit back, relax and enjoy the wonder of this country. Either way, there is such a wide variety of activities and things to see here in Australia, you are guaranteed to find just what you are looking for.

How much are the flights

Booking early is always the best way to insure that you get a cheap ticket, but if you do miss the opportunity to do so, the regular flights start at around five hundred and fifty pounds. Compare prices with other airlines. You could also consider buying a world ticket, which will cost around seven hundred pounds – something worth looking into!


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