What is it like to live in Bristol?

Bristol won the award for the best place to live in the United Kingdom for 2017, but what’s it really like? Dependant on your lifestyle and what you wish to live near, Bristol may or may not be the perfect choice for you.

Food & Drink

There are tons of independent cafes and restaurants in Bristol, catering to everyone from vegans to full on meat eaters.

The great thing about Bristol is the variety of vegan and vegetarian cafes for those who do not buy into dairy products, such as The Bristolian, Café Kino and Vx Bristol.

Some of the vegan and vegetarian offering venues sell meat products too; they’re just not the main attraction.

Bristol also caters for all the meat lovers out there, with indie food company Oowee Diner providing with incredible burgers, chips and American style food.


There are historical references dotted all over the City. From the names of the roads to the monuments, parks, castle ruins or dedicated tourist attractions such as the SS Great Britain; Bristol is definitely in touch with it historical side.

There is so much to do in Bristol, exploring the culture and history of the City could keep you entertained for a very long time.


If the historic side doesn’t keep you entertained, there is always the broad nightlife that comes alive once the sun goes down.

There is live music constantly around the City and many events and nights put on by students from the vast amount of music Universities that are in the City (Bimm, dbS,and  UWE which runs many music courses)  as well as by professionals.

There are nearly 100 venues in Bristol to which live music plays with an average capacity of 210 people.

If you are still uncertain about whether or not Bristol is right for you, why not try it out.

Serviced apartments, such as Beech House, offer you high quality home-like accommodation for as long as you wish. This means you can test the water and search for the perfect area to live in all whilst living well and in the City!

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