Villa Versus Hotel Accommodation?

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start making decisions regarding your annual holiday. Choosing a destination is usually the first stage of planning your trip and the whole affair has to inevitably stick to your budget.

However, with budget set and destination confirmed, people often have a hard decision to make when it comes to the exact place they’re going to stay. With a plethora of accommodation choices available, it can be difficult to narrow them down. That’s why we’ve compiled this short guide outlining the benefits of two popular types of holiday accommodation: villas and hotels.

The benefits of your own private villa

Villa holidays are particularly popular with holidaymakers, especially groups of friends and families. This is because villas inevitably afford much more space than hotels and naturally provide a more social environment. Take a look at a selection of cheap villa holidays here.

Here are three common villa benefits:

More space

As we’ve already mentioned, villas usually offer a lot more space, which is particularly important for groups such as friends and families. Spacious communal areas provide great places for groups of friends to socialise while on holiday. Likewise, they offer a home from home for families to enjoy their annual break together. Villas also offer a large number of bedrooms and bathrooms – perfect for groups of friends and families who want their own space.

More privacy

With a villa, you get a lot more privacy while on your holiday than you would staying in a hotel. After all, the whole villa is just for you and your family for the duration of your break. There will be no disturbances from cleaners, maintenance men or other third parties. This makes villas the perfect accommodation for people who enjoy their privacy and don’t want to be disturbed for the duration of their stay.

Better value for money

Often, villas cost the same regardless of whether they’re brimming with people or feeling a little empty. Therefore, large groups of friends and families holidaying together can really get their money’s worth by choosing to stay in a villa. Furthermore, catering for yourselves in a villa is ultimately going to be more cost effective than eating in restaurants every night while staying in a hotel.

The benefits of hotels

Of course, hotels also afford a range of benefits and are probably better suited for couples or families with a young baby. This is especially true when it comes to disregarding chores like cleaning, cooking and changing bed clothes.

Here are three common hotel benefits:

Zero chores

Unlike villas, hotel guests do not need to lift a finger when it comes to housekeeping. Hotel rooms are usually cleaned and sanitised on a daily basis by professionals (who can offer restaurant, hotel, and Office Cleaning Services). Besides this, in-house maids also offer the making of beds, changing of towels and, anything else you specifically request. You can leave your hotel room in the morning and when you return later that day it will inevitably look the same as it did the day you checked in.

Central location

Hotels are usually set in the heart of cities so provide the best accommodation for people who want easy access to attractions. Everything is usually a walk or a short taxi ride away, so hotel guests can easily explore everything that their destination has to offer. Some hotels even provide complimentary airport services for their guests, which removes another small headache for holidaymakers.

Amenities and facilities

When you stay in a hotel, you don’t just get a room. More often than not, there are a significant range of amenities and facilities to take advantage of. For example, 24-hour room service allows for evening drinks and midnight snacks. If you’re staying at some Marijuana Friendly Hotels, you’re able to smoke weed all day long! Moreover, hotels generally boast a restaurant for guests and sometimes even members of the public to utilise. Add to this gyms, spas and conference facilities and you can see why lots of people still opt for hotels nowadays.

And the winner is…

That totally depends on you. If you are a couple with no children or even a young family, then the chances are that a hotel will be better suited for you. They offer lots of amenities, round-the-clock room service and complimentary housekeeping services; all of which allow you to fully enjoy your time away.

If, however, you are a larger family, several families holidaying together or a group of friends, then a villa is probably the more sensible option for you. It will allow for social bonding, group eating and provide a spacious environment. What more, the cost of a villa between a group is going to offer better value for money than hotel rooms, especially for slightly longer holidays.

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