Vietnam Visa on Arrival Top Pros

With a combination of magical sceneries, rich culture, and mouth-watering cuisines, Vietnam is among the best tourist destination. Whether you are considering a family vacation, solo travels, or a company tour package, Vietnam is among the top destination that can quickly satisfy even the hard to please individuals. While planning your trips, the first step is ensuring you are on the right side of the law, among the most significant consideration being a visa.

While considering the Vietnam visa, you can utilize various ways.  However, while you could follow the traditional approach and apply for Vietnam visa at Vietnam embassy, or consider Evisa, the most effective model is Vietnam visa on arrival. Among the significant drawbacks of applying at the embassy is that you have to travel to the embassy, complete and submit the relevant document, pay the fee, and come back later to get the visa. Evisa, on the other hand, is only applicable on a short term basis (usually one month) and restricted to one purpose, tourism, not to mention only available to 46 countries.

Vietnam visa on arrival is the most popular option that continues to gain favor since it is ideal for leisure, business, short, and long-term stay in Vietnam. The online application process involves getting an approval letter that is sent by email and takes 3 to 5 working days but can be expedited to as fast as a few hours if you need urgent processing. To get the visa, upon arrival at Vietnam’s international airport, you will be required to bring the approval letter, two passport-sized photos, and a stamping fee. Among the top benefits of the Vietnam visa on arrival includes;

The convenience

You can conveniently apply for the Vietnam visa on arrival online at the comfort of your couch and using your favorite device. This eliminates the hassles of setting aside hours, if not a day, to get to the embassy and apply for the visa. This also saves your money as you won’t incur gas expenses, parking fees, or public transportation costs to get to the embassy to apply and later to collect the visa.


Filling out documents can be a little tricky. With a Vietnam visa on arrival online application, there are no documents required, simplifying the process and making it as comfortable and smooth as possible. You only need to fill a few online details, and you are set.

The time factor

If you are planning last-minute travel to Vietnam, you won’t be frustrated by the long waits at the embassy. The online application process can be handled in hours, allowing you to take last-minute trips without significant hiccups.

The catch

While the ease, time and money-saving considerations are significant boosts to your travels, Vietnam visa on arrival, has a catch; the option is only available for travelers entering Vietnam by air and at the international airports.

As technological advancements continue to revolutionize varying sectors, you can now plan and travel across the world with lesser challenges, as is the case with Vietnam visa on arrival.

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