Out Traveling On Vacation: To Drink or Not To Drink?

Drinking alcohol can be a big part of your vacation experience. This observation is not something that very many people would deny. Having a nice glass of wine or perhaps some expensive champagne can be part of a luxury experience. Going out and having shots with your friends may help you to enjoy the party vibe. But, there is some question about the safety and intelligence of drinking in certain situations on vacations.

When you think about things like the effects of long-term use, how safety in numbers can help when drinking, where there is potential for illness because of regulatory issues, and how well you want to stay on budget, you may end up deciding that restricting the amount of alcohol you plan on ingesting is a good idea.

Effects of Long-Term Use

Before you go out traveling, a moment of self-reflection may help some of your further decision-making. Are you an alcoholic? Do you have trouble with long-term abuse of alcohol? Do your friends and family think you drink too much? If you have been drinking a long time, and just expect that your vacation is another way to continue your habit, it may be smart to take a step back and consider that perhaps traveling could be the first step in recovery rather than diving further into your previous activities.

Safety In Numbers

Drinking affects your inhibitions. If you’re traveling alone or with a small group, you may end up making decisions that lead to regretful consequences. At the very least, if you plan on drinking a lot, make sure that you’re with a group of people that your trust, and that at least one or two of them will remain sober enough to be the decision-making leaders of the party.

Potential For Illness In Certain Places

There’s been lots of news lately about alcohol making people sick in certain countries. Specifically, in Mexico, there have been contaminated alcohol incidents that have left people severely ill and potentially have even caused deaths. In most countries, regulations for alcohol are stringent, but in places where looser restrictions exist, be more cautious than average.

Staying Budget-Conscious

Are you trying to stay on a budget during your next trip? If you restrict your alcohol consumption, you may find that you spend almost half as much as you expected. Beer, wine, and liquor can be extremely expensive at resorts and out eating at restaurants. If you decide in advance that you’re not going to do any drinking, all that money can go toward other activities, or you can even just totally save it in that way budget for a better experience, just with less drinking.

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