Travel to India – What vaccines do I need?

It is important to be up to date with all the vaccinations before traveling to India. There are vaccines to prevent measles, rabies, typhoid, and hepatitis. Measles is highly contagious and can be deadly. The other diseases that can be deadly in poorly immunized people include malaria and Japanese encephalitis.

In order to prevent malaria, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia have instituted a travel light treatment program. This program is not available for travelers from western high-income countries, because it is not considered necessary. It is also dangerous to take untested drugs or vitamins over the counter without consulting your physician. Any unlicensed health products can cause serious side effects and should always be avoided. There is a possibility that some vaccines that you will receive in India may not work in your country because of the different countries’ immunization requirements. You should consult with your doctor to identify what countries require their vaccines before travel. Or, you can also check the same on a verified online pharmacy for travel vaccinations as most of them tend to have the requirements listed for different countries, and you can gain all the necessary information while sitting at home.

When it comes to rabies, Japan has introduced a vaccination program for the three types of known rabies – minor, intermediate, and severe. Before traveling to any country in the world, you should ensure that there is an active Rabies vaccination program in place. Some countries offer early rabies vaccination and others offer delayed rabies vaccination.

typhoid is spread due to insect bites and close contact with infected animals. India experiences a high rate of cases of typhoid and one in twelve travelers will contract the disease. India experiences seasonal epidemics of typhoid. It is important to note that allabies are caused by parasites transmitted by bats. There is no prevention against ticks and fleas, so you should ensure that you carry some of the relevant ticks and flea protective accessories on your trip. You will need these during your travels to China, Thailand and the Philippines.

India experiences dengue fever, hepatitis, measles and many other viral diseases. Make sure you are up to date with routine immunizations and consult your travel doctor if you suspect you may have been exposed to any virus or disease while traveling. In most countries, travel vaccines are required before travel and some require a special visit before departure. Indian vaccines required before travel include all viruses for which India is not known to be prone. The dengue fever vaccine is the only booster shot required by Indian law for people travelling to the country.

Before you travel to India or any other country for that matter, make sure you understand the vaccines required for your travel. These vaccines can be very useful in treating outbreaks and prevention. Be well informed about the health requirements of the country you are visiting and take the necessary vaccines. Remember that getting the right vaccinations while traveling to another country is one of the best ways to avoid a dangerous medical situation abroad.

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