Travel Opportunities For College Students

The years you spend in college are supposed to be some of the most exciting times of your life.  Between your studies, your job (because most college students have to work too), and your personal life, finding time to enjoy the adventures of travel can be challenging.  

Paying for the adventures of traveling in college can be even more challenging than finding the time.  College students don’t have a surplus of funds, so traveling is a tricky venture to conquer.

If you have adventure running through your veins and lint in your pockets, there’s still hope.  Check out this brief overview of a few inexpensive (or free) travel opportunities for college students, and start planning your next adventure as soon as possible.  

Student exchange programs

If you check the corkboard in any of the student lounge spots around campus, there’s a high chance you’ll come across an advertisement for some sort of foreign exchange or touring opportunity.  Those pieces of paper are offering a real opportunity.  

If you’re serious about traveling the world, look into those silly travel advertisements.  Most exchange programs will fund your travel and accommodations while you’re abroad. You also get a great opportunity to learn.

Teach English abroad

There are various teaching opportunities abroad, and a student could go all over the world with their knowledge of the English language.  English teachers are highly valued in many countries, and there are several notable organizations that will help fund your travels.

The English Experience, LEOlingo, and Camp America are three of the most trusted names in English education abroad.  Start your hunt for a big opportunity, and imagine the experience you will traverse as an English teacher in a foreign country.  

Look into qualifying for a travel grant

You may think it’s too good to be true, but there are some organizations which are run for the sole purpose of funding travel.  Qualifying for a travel grant means you’ll have to know how to present a clear plan and persuade a board that your travel ideas are worth the money they’ll need to spend to fund them.

Enter a competition

If you really want to travel, try finding a competition which offers a reward that right up your alley.  Entering a travel competition isn’t a sure thing, but if you’ve got the passion to put forth, you may have a chance at a free adventure.  

Try exploring websites such as and World Nomads.  If you have a knack for writing or photography, you may find a bite with these platforms.  

Work on a farm

Maybe you want to get a little dirty with your travels?  Try your hands at working on a farm. Dig into the Earth with WWOOF, and you may get the chance to work in a range of different countries.  The program offers living stipends for work, and you can setup a short-term or long-term arrangement.

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