Top Routes For Fall Motorcycle Rides In The U.S.

Fall is almost upon us, and the changing of the seasons brings about some very beautiful sights to see. Riding your hog down the highway through a forest of color collages is nothing short of heaven on Earth.

Choosing the best place to take your sightseeing journey is the most challenging part of the whole season. Take some time now to consider some of what have been deemed the top routes for fall motorcycles rides in the United States, and start planning your colorful exploration today.

Tail of The Dragon or Deal’s Gap – Tennessee & North Carolina

Though the route we’re referring to is only an 11-mile stretch, it contains more than 300 twists and turns to navigate. Surrounded by the wooded hills of the Great Smoky Mountains and the Cherokee National Forest, the Tail of The Dragon presents plenty of action for motorcyclists.

Challenge your driving skills on tight turns such as Copperhead Corner, Wheelie Hell, and Brake or Bust Bend. Be sure to keep safety in mind, as the roads here are tighter than the turns, and motorcycle accidents can turn deadly in an instant. If that does happen, then whether it is your fault or not, you will need to take the correct next steps to ensure you are doing everything legally and correctly just in case this has the potential to go to court. If this looks to be the outcome, then you may want to check out an attorney that can help you with your case who specializes in motorcycle accidents and other auto incidents on the road.

The Pacific Coast Highway – Oregon & California

The Pacific Coast Highway is a beautiful drive no matter what time of the year you choose to travel, but Fall is especially colorful. From the coast of Seattle to the shores of San Diego, the PCH runs through giant redwood forests, rocky beaches, and a range of culture.

The contract of the icy waters against the vibrant red and orange leave shades is nothing short of a natural wonder. The route stretches over 655 miles from start to finish, so take it in stride.

The Three Sisters (Twisted Sisters) – Texas

The Three Sisters will show you a different side of Texas, as it winds its way through steep canyons, and up jagged hills that open up to incredible vista views along the way. There aren’t too many gas stations along this 100 mile route, so make sure you have a full tank before heading out.

San Juan Mountain Skyway – Colorado

Check out the Rocky Mountains in Southwest Colorado along the San Juan Mountain Skyway. The route is 225 miles of majestic mountain views, red rock canyons, colorful river valleys, and historic mining communities. Some of the mountain peaks you’ll see reach more than 14,000 feet into the air.

Kettle Moraine Scenic Drive – Wisconsin

Another twisty, turny, windy, and gorgeous location you’ll want to explore is the Kettle Moraine Scenic Drive from Elkhart to Whitewater, Wisconsin. The route is 120 miles of pure aesthetic bliss, and there are plenty of places to stop and enjoy the sights along the way.

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