Top 4 Best Hotels For A Short Stay In London

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Whether you’re considering a stay in London for business reasons, or even if something personal has come along, this is definitely the right time of year to make the journey. In the summertime, the capital can become a little overpowering for some people as thousands (if not millions) of residents seem to take to the streets all day long, making it less than perfect for anyone with social anxiety issues. Even so, the city is home to some of the most impressive museums and respected theatres found anywhere in the western world, and so you should definitely give it a go.

Other than the buildings that received damage during World War 2, a considerable percentage of the architecture dates back to the 1500s – and in some cases, even earlier. Take St Paul’s Cathedral for example, the current structure dates back to the 17th century, although the first church ever built on the site was way back in AD 604, now that’s some serious history right there.

Anyway, the main problem people encounter when visiting this vibrant, urban metropolis is knowing where to stay. Some hotels are incredibly expensive, whilst some cheap B&B solutions simply aren’t desirable, and that’s why I’ve taken the time out of my day to write this article. Take a quick read through, and I’ll highlight the 4 best hotels for short breaks in the capital. Remember, you could also contact an online booking service, as Venere hotels in London are of top quality.

  1. The Hoxton. You might be deceived by the less than impressive exterior when visiting this hotel, but trust me, inside nothing is left to be desired. Located within the square mile we refer to as “the city of London”, you’ll not find anywhere as stylish for the price.

  1. The Milestone Hotel. Winner of TripAdvisors travellers choice award in 2013, the Milestone is currently ranked #1 out of the other 1076 options listed on their website – and with good reason. This place has a gym, swimming pools, a sauna and everything else you could ever need, just bear in mind this sort of luxury doesn’t come for free.

  1. Hotel 41. If you’re looking for somewhere small and traditional, you should definitely get in touch with the people who deal with bookings at Hotel 41. More of a budget solution, this place has original Tudor beams and a regal feel throughout.

  1. The Chesterfield. Situated in a quiet corner of the Mayfair district, this hotel has been drawing in the worlds most rich and famous individuals for well over 50 years. Some might consider it to be a little pompous, but if you’re only staying for a couple of nights and the accommodation is going straight on the company credit card – why not treat yourself?

Well, there you have it guys, that’s your lot from me. I hope you find one of the hotels I’ve just mentioned to be to your liking. Just remember that you can check reviews online very easily nowadays, so don’t take my word for it, see what everyone else has to say.

I’ll catch you next time…

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