Tips To Stay On Track With Your Fitness Goals During Vacation

Many of us want to get healthy and lose weight every year.  It can be easy though to lose focus and derail from our fitness goals once vacation time rolls around.  Many of us view vacation as a time to unwind and indulge, but for those of us who want to get healthier, it can be very easy to gain a few pounds during vacation that we tried so hard to lose.  If you want to reach your fitness goals this year but have vacation time coming up, here are a few tips to help you stay on a healthy track while on vacation.


Watch What You Eat

Let’s face it, many of us love to indulge in the local cuisine while on vacation.  It could be buffets for a weekend away in Vegas or going hog wild at a luau in Hawaii, but food is the highlight for many people during their travels. You can still enjoy “cheat” food on vacation, as long as it is in moderation.  Bob Harper, trainer for NBC’s The Biggest Loser, advises to focus on portion sizes and follow the 50/30/20 rule (50% protein, 30% carbs, 20% fat) when it comes to what you are putting on your plate during meal time.

Stay Active

One of the best things about vacation is that we typically travel to a warmer climate to enjoy our vacation time with family.  Warmer weather equals some great opportunities to get outside and get active. Do a little research on the place that you are traveling to or the resort that you are staying at.  For instance, if you are staying in Mexico at an all-inclusive resort, there may be daily activities like pool volleyball or yoga on the beach.  Also, another idea may be to plan a vacation that will make you get active like vacationing in an area with beautiful hikes.  By staying active on vacation you will feel better about your fitness goals.

Avoid Partying

It can be easy to slip into a “party” type of mentality when you are on vacation or any type of trip but nothing can be worse for derailing your health and fitness goals than staying up late and drinking all night.  It can be especially hard when you specifically want to avoid alcohol because you are in a drug rehab program, religious or other personal reasons. Opt for virgin drinks or fruit infused water with way less sugar and calories on your vacation to help you keep your weight and health on track.

By being more careful with what you eat, staying active and avoiding the booze, you will be sure to still have a fun and memorable vacation while still staying on the right track to your fitness goals.

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