Tips for Choosing the right hotel room

For people embarking on frequent trips to different destinations on official or leisure trips, one of the important requirements lies in selecting a Hotel that satisfies their utility and safety requirements.

Most people look for hotels based on what facilities on offer, such as if there’s a gym or spa in the hotel, forgetting about security. Check out this guide on how to get the right hotel room – be it if you’re travelling to Las Vegas or Vietnam. If you’re looking for a spa in Danang, check out the Hyatt hotel.

In recent years, the number of hotel room burglaries are on a continuous rise across different parts of the world. This is mainly due to the poor safety and security features provided in the hotel rooms and also in the different common facilities available in the Hotel. There are two important aspects related to choosing the right hotel room.

The first aspect lies in choosing a room from the available rooms in a hotel that comes with all the safety features installed in it. The next important aspect is related to choosing a Hotel based on the surrounding environment in which it is located. If you are one such frequent traveler, the information provided here on How to choose the right hotel room would be of great relevance and importance.

Choosing the location of Hotel room within the Hotel facility

Hotel administration might have allocated you a room in the fifth and top floor of the Hotel. You might be thrilled about getting a bird’s eye view of the town from your Hotel Room’s balcony. But there are many drawbacks of staying in a hotel room that is in the fifith floor. While choosing the hotel room, one has to look at the following aspects.

1. Though rooms in the higher floors might give access to cool breeze and panoramic views, the lower floor rooms are much more safer when it comes to moving out in the case of an emergency.

2. While choosing a room in the ground floor, one has to ensure that the room’s entry door is not open to the public passage such as the parking lot or the hotel corridor.

3. Rooms near the elevators is always a good option as there would be constant flow of people in and out of the elevator. It would be difficult for the thieves to enter the room that are close to the elevator.

4. It is always advisable to avoid rooms in any of the floors that are located in a corner and doesn’t have proper lighting facilities in the corridor leading to the room.

Having seen the important factors to consider while choosing the location of a Hotel room, Let’s turn our focus towards the safety and security features that one needs to look for in a Hotel room.

Safety Features to check in a room

1. The room door lock should have a dead bolt key and a peep hole

2. The hotel room accommodation should come with a telephone that has an emergency button built in to it. This button would be extremely useful in case of unexpected happenings within the room. The telephone should also come with outside calling facilities.

3. Guests should be able to completely close the windows and doors in the room. If guests find it difficult to lock the windows, it is better to opt for a different room.

4. The closets provided in the kitchen and in the living room should come with proper locking facility.

5. The room should have a proper fire alarm installed in it

6. If the room has a security vault, guests can very well make use of it for storing their valuable belongings. If there is no individual security vault for the rooms in the hotel, there would be a common security vault that would be available in the hotel.

In addition to looking for certain safety and security features within a room, one also has to look for the amenities provided in the Hotel. Some of the important amenities to look for while selecting from Hotels in New Orleans (or any other place, for that matter) are provided below.

1. The hotel should have 24-hour concierge services and should be manned by security personnel round the clock.

2. Hotel should have multiple entry and exit points. This ensures that the hotel has a good patronage and there is always a significant percentage of rooms that are booked. Hotels that are less frequented by the traveling guests usually do not come with multiple entry and exit points.

3. The walk ways, swimming pools, patio and the parking lot should have sufficient lighting facilities to prevent the intruders from sneaking in to the hotel.

When you are traveling to an international destination, you can check with the consulate operating in that state or country regarding the safe and reliable Hotels available in the region. This advice would be particularly helpful for leisure travelers who are going on a vacation with their family members to a foreign location for the first time.

Post by Tony, on behalf of the Hyatt Danang Spa – the ultimate hotel to relax in.

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