Things to Do While Visiting Brisbane

Australia is an amazing country all on its own. Its rich history and wonderful mix of people should make this an absolute on anyone’s bucket list to travel to. With that said, Brisbane is one of Australia’s most adventure rich towns.

Between the natural beauty it has to offer and the plethora of various types of venues and eateries, the chance that someone would not find something they like is slim to none. Just in case, though, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Where to Eat

If you have managed to make a trip all the way to another continent in the world, chances are you are looking for a chance to experience a whole new side of life. While you are there, you will eventually get hungry.

Sure, there are the usual places. Many of the most popular fast food restaurants have found a home in Brisbane, but if you are looking for something with a little more maturity, check out the Alliance Hotel. Established in 1864, this venue has been and still is family-run and operated.

Though you might not find a place to spend the night here, you will find some of Brisbane’s finest food. Are you the meat and potatoes kind of person? Check out the 12-hour slow cooked lamb. Maybe you have a taste for seafood. We highly recommend trying the charred octopus. Whatever your flavor, you are bound to find an upgraded version of your usual, here.  

Soak Up The Culture

At home, the most precious artwork in the world might consist of the drawings and art projects your children bring home from school. While there is no doubt that nothing will ever touch the sentimental value your young artists infuse into their work, Brisbane offers a very close second.

Consider taking a tour of the Museum of Brisbane and travel through the life of Li Cunxin which has been portrayed in their latest exhibit. Considering a more modern approach to art? Check out the divine artwork of the universe while visiting the Sir Thomas Planetarium.

You can take a tour of the Brisbane night sky or indulge yourself in one of their current events. Right now, you can explore the possible existence of aliens in the show We Are Aliens or be educated about dark matter and it’s possible uses in the event named Dark Universe.

Enjoy The Outdoors

When planning your great escape, there is nothing better for getting away from the everyday technological world of chaos than to be in nature. The sounds of waves beating on the sand, the birds talking back and forth to one another, and the smell of fresh are enough to drop anyone’s blood pressure back to normal. Brisbane must have been one of the places on the planet that God took His time with, but don’t take our word for it.

Start by checking out one of the many beaches near Brisbane. Looking for a way to elude the forces of winter? Australia’s summer in the months of December – February. Come and enjoy the warm salty air and the soft sandy beaches. Maybe you would prefer a trip to Moreton Island about 22km of the coast of Brisbane.

It is the third largest sand island in the world and known for the lush wildlife that calls it home, but still boasts less than 100 inhabitants. If you are more comfortable in the woods, there are several different places to hike in and near Brisbane. There are even opportunities for the beginning hiker.

Everyone needs an escape every once in a while. Use this information to plan your next one to the wonderful city of Brisbane.

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