Things to do in Liverpool

Liverpool has grown and developed over the last few years and is now an exciting and vibrant city to explore. This amazing city has been awarded the UNESCO World Heritage Site status, and the Capital of Culture award, indicating how much it has grown. There is plenty to see and do regardless of how long you choose to visit, and discovering the top 10 things to do in Liverpool can be fun.

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Mersey Ferry- is one of the most popular things to whilst in the city, and will provide you with the perfect view of the famous skyline. The iconic song, Ferry ‘cross the Mersey has ensured that visitors want to make this journey. During peak times the ferry is used by commuters to travel from Liverpool to Birkenhead, however, during the day, you can enjoy a scenic 50 minute cruise.

Liverpool Cathedral- proudly holds several world records including, the highest gothic arches, and largest cathedral in Britain, highest and heaviest bells, largest organ, and the fifth largest cathedral in the world. There are in fact two cathedrals in Liverpool, and the Spinners sang about the fact that the city had one to spare in the famous song “In my Liverpool Home”.
You will need to visit this incredible architectural beauty to appreciate the sheer scale of the building, and the whole family will find the visit fascinating. The 20th century neo-gothic building provides a fantastic volunteer guide to ensure that you learn the history.
Pier Head- was a dock for hundreds of years, and until 1900 was a vital part of the waterways around the city. The river is a major part of the city and provides many historical aspects, which are fascinating.
The Three Graces are located in this area, and are three distinguished buildings, which are highly significant to Liverpool. The Cunard Building, Liver Building and Port of Liverpool Building are all stunning and can be visited on unique heritage days.
The Beatles Story- is one of the main tourist attractions in the city, and millions of people travel to Liverpool every year to step in the footsteps of their heroes. Whether you are a fan of the Fab Four, or simply want to experience what so many people enjoy, you will love this experience.
The audio guided tour, will allow you to explore the different areas of the city, including the dedicated Beatles Museum. As you wander through the streets, you will get a sense of how huge this iconic band was in the city.
St George’s Hall- is an 1854 neo-classical building, which resembles something from ancient Greece, and has been named “Worthy of Athens” several times. The outside of the building looks incredibly similar to a Greek temple, and the inside appears to be like the Roman baths. Charles Dixons held one of his readings in this building, which was a huge success.
This building combines several different halls, including the music hall and law courts, which are no longer in use. You can stop for a drink in the cafe, and enjoy browsing in the gift shop before moving onto another of the top 10 things to do in Liverpool.
Albert Dock- is often referred to as the riverfront and has many renovated warehouses, which are incredibly popular with tourists. There is plenty to do in this area of the city, and you can enjoy the Maritime Museum, Tate Liverpool, Customs and Excise Museum and the Beatles story. There are also two hotels, a gift shop and many trendy nightclubs and bars for you to enjoy.
Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King- clearly reflects the style that was achieved in the 1960’s. This is the second of the cathedrals and is as stunning as the Anglican one that dominates the city. One of the most magnificent sights in this cathedral is the largest piece of stained glass, which is beautiful and throws a array of colours onto the marble floor. There is also a creepy crypt to explore, and an excellent cafe for you to take a moment to reflect.
Magical Mystery Tour- this is the best tour to take if you are more than a passing fan of the Beatles as it delves deeper into their lives. There are several fascinating places, which are associated with the Fab Four; however, they are out of the city. This tour will allow you to visit their schools, homes, and birthplaces, ensuring that you experience everything.
Chinese arch- is located at the entrance to Chinatown in Liverpool, which is the oldest in Europe, and attracts visitors from all over the world. The arch was a present from Shanghai in 2000, and is incredible. Standing at 50 feet high it has over 200 ornamental dragons positioned decoratively on the structure.
Walker Art Gallery- this gallery is fantastic and was paid for by the wealthy brewer Andrew Barclay Walker, and has been home the cities art treasures since 1877. This gallery has won several awards including the Art Gallery for the North of England. There are many incredible exhibitions including the Pre Raphaelite Art, and Flemish Collection.

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