There’s no place on earth like Las Vegas

If you’re after a holiday where you can indulge your passion for casino games, then there really can be no better choice than to book some time in Las Vegas. The city exists because of casinos – it grew up out of the desert when the first casinos were built there, and it’s been thriving ever since.

Of course there is no real need to go to Vegas anymore – we can all play online casino games whenever we feel like it. Click here and you can play roulette with 32Red now – it only takes a couple of minutes to sign up and start playing. And alongside roulette you’ll have hundreds of other games to choose from. What’s more, you don’t even have to pay to play. You can play the real cash games at 32Red with a no-deposit bonus of £32 if you sign up and simply register a debit or credit card.

But although it’s possible to play all the games you’ll find in Vegas online at home, that’s not going to stop people flocking to Las Vegas on their holidays. It’s the whole experience of Las Vegas that people go there for, not just the casino games.

Las Vegas is often known by its nickname – Sin City – and it’s about the most decadent place on the planet. Everything in Vegas is done on a huge scale – the casinos, the hotels, the shows and entertainment and the food. It’s a city that has a larger than life feel to every element within it.

If you’re planning a trip to Vegas, you can choose to book a package including your flights and accommodation, or go solo, booking a flight and a car and your hotel accommodation separately.

Of course you’ll want to do some gaming while you’re there, but make sure you don’t come home with a deflated bank account. Set yourself a spend limit on casino chips and don’t go over that limit. Expect to lose it all and then you can treat any wins as a bonus!

Make sure you see some of the other amazing sights that Vegas has to offer too. Sometimes being in the most stimulating city on earth for more than a few days can befeel a bit too much. Take an excursion to visit one of the natural wonders of the world – the Grand Canyon – as an antidote to the plastic and man-made nature of Vegas. The Grand Canyon is a few hours’ drive away – but a much quicker way to see it is to take a helicopter ride there.

Don’t forget to catch one of the shows while you’re there too. Whatever entertainment you enjoy, you’ll find something to capture your attention in Vegas – singers, tribute acts, magicians and circus shows. They’re all there and put on in great style.

Whatever you plan to do in Las Vegas, you’ll have a blast. The only problem is that you’ll need a week off to recover from your ‘holiday’ when you get back home!

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