The Top 8 Tourist Attractions in Egypt 2014

If you’ve decided to go to Egypt this year, you’re in for a trip absolutely drenched in culture and history, which is why it’s such a popular destination for travellers all over the world. There are lots of tourist attractions in Egypt, far too many to all be included in this post. However, this post will outline the top 8 attractions you can hope to see this year – if you can’t decide, choose from this list!

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1. Giza

Giza contains 3 amazing Egyptian pyramids as well as the Sphinx. It’s literally minutes away from Cairo and is across the road from popular hotels, so you don’t have to worry about travelling far. You won’t get any peace as this attraction is so popular, but you’ll have a wonderful experience.

2. Underground Library of Alexandria

The remains of the world famous great library of Alexandria is a site to behold. You’ll find it under the ruins of Serapum, and it’s a truly fascinating thing to see. The underground tunnels and room show you where the Great Library was once store. You can also find the New Library not far from the site.

3. Valley of the Kings

The Valley of the Kings is also one of Egypt’s most famous attractions. If you didn’t already know, it’s the burial place of a lot of great pharaohs, with a plethora of ancient tombs actually cut into the limestone valley. Hatshepsut’s temple shouldn’t be missed.

4. Karnak and Luxor Temples

These are the largest ancient temples on the planet, housing a lot of religious sites, sanctuaries, ancient buildings, and other things. Amun-Ra is particularly impressive.

5. Abydos

You’ll find this place about 50 miles from Luxor, with stunning ancient Egyptian temples decorated in perfect symmetry. It’s creators were obviously very skilled indeed. This kind of thing is found all throughout the country, and could even make you consider looking at property in Egypt!

6. Dendera

This ancient temple is very well preserved, which is one of the main reasons it stands out against the rest. It’s also part of a wider complex of temples, including tombs and chapels. Usually people will visit this place on a trip to Luxor, so it’s practical and popular.

7. Cairo Museum of Egyptian Antiquities

In this place you’ll find over 10,000 pieces of Egyptian antiques – the largest collection of Egyptian artefacts in the world. In the collection is a funeral mask of King Tutankhamen, and a lot of other artefacts relating to him. Plan your route before you get started so you don’t become overwhelmed!

8. Catacombs of Kom ash Shuqqafa

This is a fairly unknown attraction, so you may actually be able to get some peace here. 300 tombs all in all, but one of the ones you don’t want to miss is the Hall of Caracalla. It is said to contain victims of a brutal ancient massacre!

These 8 attractions will help to make your visit to Egypt a cultured, educational trip that you won’t forget in a hurry!


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