The Growing Popularity of Staycations

Holidays are usually an exciting time for everyone involved with the opportunity to get away from everyday life at home, work or school and to go somewhere completely different to really relax and have some much needed downtime. After months of hard work and getting home to the same chores each day, holidays are in great demand and it’s no wonder why millions get away each year.

The problem is that these holidays are often very expensive. With everyone feeling the pinch in the past few years and having to tighten their belts; the exotic beach holidays of ten years ago are – to many – a thing of the past and we have to find a compromise to get that much-needed time away.

Glamping has become more and more popular with those looking for Staycations

Seaside holidays have always been popular alternatives to jetting off overseas, with kids just excited to get down to the beach to play in the sand or paddle in the sea and sample some of the attractions; while adults have the chance to just sit and relax with some sea air and maybe head out in the evening along the coast to sample some of the local cafes, bars and restaurants.

The only flaw to seaside holidays is that you end up going just for the day because bed and breakfasts get booked up quickly, especially in the peak seasons such as school holidays and the middle of summer, (or any time the sun comes out for a sustained period!)

A great option to get away for a few days, and to give you the chance to do anything you like, is with a residential, lodge or holiday park. These are holiday homes that you can go to any time you like, and you can even choose the location. Sites such as have a huge range of residential, lodge or holiday park properties that you can buy and then visit on a whim, packing the car whenever you see a good looking weather forecast and getting away for a few days without having to go overseas or travelling to a rainy seaside that you’ve visited so many times already.

Stay-at-home holidays, or ‘staycations’ as they’ve become known, are growing in popularity each year with more and more families, couples and groups ditching the passports and the overseas holidays and staying at home to utilise what is on the doorstep and to save some money without compromising on the annual – and well deserved – holiday. The best thing about the UK being an island nation is that there are tons of natural beauty spots and the various coastal and countryside locations offer something for everyone, young and old, male and female

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