The 3 Best Caravan Parks in the UK

After investing heavily in overseas holidays during the last decade, British citizens have gradually begun to rediscover the charms of caravan breaks and seaside visits. This is primarily due to reported fall in disposable income levels, which has been pronounced since the global recession of 2008.

Across the UK, the disposable income of middle earners has plummeted by approximately £1,200  during the last five years. As a result of this depreciation, citizens have cut their cloth and began to take their summer holidays within the confines of the UK. Caravan trips remain a staple feature of the Great British summer, with a number of resorts accessible nationwide.

Why spend more money going abroad when there are a whole host of destinations waiting to be explored, right on your very doorstep?

Britain’s Best 3 Caravan Parks

With this in mind, which 3 UK caravan parks offer the best experience to travellers? Consider the following options: –

Low Wray in Cumbria:

Owned and operated by the National Trust, Low Wray is a caravan park unlike any other in the UK. Located in Cumbria and offering spectacular views of the glorious Lake Windermere, it is an idyllic spot that features both luxurious living spaces and numerous enchanting nature walks.

A particular highlight is watching the sun rise over the lake during the height of summer, which provides a romantic backdrop for young couples and families alike.

It sits on the quiet western shore of Windermere, close to our holiday parks White Cross Bay and Fallbarrow.

 Vale of Pickering Caravan Park in North Yorkshire:

 In terms of family orientated caravan parks, the Vale of Pickering resort is unrivalled in the UK. Located close to the unspoilt beauty of the North Yorkshire Moors, it is also within touching distance of the quaint seaside towns of Scarborough and Whitby.

This caravan park is also unusual in that it is open for nine months each year, between March and December, which means that it offers a winter getaway for hard working families.

 Three Cliffs Bay in Gower:

 The Three Cliffs Bay in Gower is perched on a towering and idyllic mountain top in South Wales, and it is widely regarded as the single most beautiful caravan park in the whole of the UK. Also a brief five minute walk from the nearby beach, it is a site that combines picturesque landscape and convenience with breathtaking efficiency.

Visitors can also access a range of activities at this bustling coastal resort, with water skiing, windsurfing and sailing all available for enthusiasts with some time on their hands.

 It cannot be denied that a growing number of UK travellers are booking caravan holidays, with a view to securing an affordable summer trip that offers an escape from everyday life. The range of sites and resorts available is so diverse, with unique and picturesque locations accessible nationwide and all year round.


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