Taking a Trip to Nerja? Don’t Miss Out on These Attractions!

Nerja is a wonderful holiday destination that the whole family will love, but with so many activities and sites there it can be hard to decide what to do. To help you, we’ve made a shortlist of some of the top attractions in Nerja that you really shouldn’t miss out on:

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The Nerja Caves

Back in 1959, 5 boys from Maro near Nerja, randomly stumbled upon the caves by chance. The next year, the caves were open to the public and they have been a popular attraction ever since. Consisting of crystalline dolomites, the caves are now a much loved national monument. There are 8 beautiful, educational rooms filled with displays of tools and ceramics found in the caves. Definitely worth a visit, plus there’s a gift shop at the end where you can find some great souvenirs.

Jeep Tours

A jeep tour is something you should definitely try when in Nerja…some people love it so much, they do it twice in one stay! The guides really know what they’re talking about and will bring humour to your tour, almost as if you’re on your own “bear grylls” trip! It’s a great experience and day out where you really get to see the beauty of Nerja; it’s worth every penny. You’ll want to do it over and over again!

Quad Tours

No matter how many hours you book on a quad tour, you’ll wish you’d booked double! The bikes are loads of fun and unbelievably easy to drive, the scenery is beautiful and the tour guides make the trip even better as they really know their stuff. Kids are even welcome!

Shambles Karaoke Bar

This bar is one of the best in Tutti Frutti square if not the best in Nerja, with great karaoke entertainment on every day of the week. The drinks are cheaply priced but the cocktails are delicious; highly recommended! You could easily come back here every night of your stay and not get bored. Shambles Karaoke Bar will definitely make your stay one to remember!


Murphy’s is a charming Irish bar (don’t miss the Irish coffee!), where you can relax, make friends, and have a laugh. The place to go if you don’t fancy karaoke every night!

John Keo Walking Tours

If you’re a couple or group that enjoy the great outdoors, then a John Keo walking tour is a must do! It’s a lovely way to view the beautiful countryside, and get some exercise while you’re at it. You can choose any kind of tour you like; from beginner to hardcore hiking. The guide will be able to give you interesting information on everything you see and discover, so it’s a great educational tour too.

You shouldn’t miss out on these attractions on your trip to Nerja; they’re some of the most exciting activities that the place has to offer. To make your trip even better, rent in Nerja rather than stay in a hotel so you can have total privacy and control over your accommodation. Have fun!

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