Summer Holiday Ideas for People with Aviophobia

While there are hundreds of phobias that an individual can suffer from, there are some that remain less well-known than others. Aviophobia is one such condition, and it relates to the fear of flying or the anxiety that can set in when a person is in flight.

It is commonly associated with travelling in an aeroplane or jet, and affects the holiday plans of thousands of British citizens annually. For these individuals, travelling can be an extremely complicated process that demands a great deal of creative thought and planning.

3 Top Holiday Ideas for Aviophobics

 While aviophobia can be combated with a range of different products and techniques, it is also extremely debilitating for those who suffer with its symptoms. The logistics of international travel are extremely prohibitive for aviophobics, which means that they face a significant challenge when it comes to planning a trip abroad.

Fortunately, there are alternative methods of travel that enable sufferers to enjoy a sun-kissed holiday in a far away and luxurious location. Consider the following ideas: –

Coach Holidays to Mainland Europe: While it is not necessarily exotic or remote, mainland Europe offers travellers access to a diversity of culture and hot, sultry climates. Holiday destinations such as Spain, Portugal and France have the added advantage of being accessible by road, which means that as an aviophobic, you can plan your trip without fear or trepidation.

Coach holidays to Spain are especially popular, primarily because they courier passengers to genuine holiday resorts within a manageable amount of travelling time.

 International Travel by Train: While some of Europe’s less-accessible destinations may provide more of an obstacle for travelling aviophobics, traversing land by train can help to bridge the gap between dreams and reality. Rail tours are popular throughout Europe, but those that take in the ancient ruins and Mediterranean coastlines of Italy are particularly well received.

 Given the nature of Italy and its cultural heritage, travelling by train provides a unique opportunity to take in as many sights as possible.

 Ferry Journeys Outside of the UK: Some of the world’s most idyllic resorts are surrounded by water, which means that aviophobics must find an alternative way of reaching them. Travelling by ferry is a viable option for those who fear flying, and particularly suitable if you intend to visit nearby locations such as Ireland.

 Ferry journeys to Southern or Northern Ireland can also be sourced cheaply, which can help to save significant sums of money.

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