Your Summer Cover Sorted – Win a Holiday Sun Bundle

Amidst all the excitement of packing in your last bit of holiday clothes and other goodies, there are quite a few other little factors to consider which could either make your getaway a great one or one which you look back on with a bit of discomfort. This is especially true if you’re going away on a summer vacation where a little bit too much sun can inflict some lasting damage and take some fun away from the very essence of your getaway.


The beach is only as nice as you can enjoy it and there’s a very fine line between a nice kiss from the sun and some sunburn which can cause severe discomfort. Not to mention the associated risks which come with prolonged and unprotected exposure to some of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Otherwise what’s a summer holiday without a little bit (a lot really) of frolicking or full-on lazing around in the sun? Here are some must-pack “covering-up” items to ensure your summer getaway is one to remember since even the slightest bit of discomforts can really get in the way at times:

There are all sorts of required cover for your summer holiday, one of which is perhaps a hat. A nice light straw hat will do well, with some big summer straw hats providing plenty of cover despite their light weight. Don’t get tempted to take along an expensive Mexican sombrero though – a cheap straw hat will do just fine because it’s not really about winning fashion shows, but rather about practicality and just ensuring you have worry-free access to some suitable physical cover. Take a hat you won’t be too bothered about if it was quickly pinched while you were looking away, because sadly theft can be a reality in some popular beach locations.

The other form of cover you’ll need is indeed some UV protection for your skin. UK travellers who hail from cold and wet regions particularly look forward to some serious fun in the sun, but it’s very easy to get carried away and find yourself lobster-red with some very uncomfortable consequences to live with. For sun-seeking holiday makers residing in the United Kingdom and Ireland, your summer holiday cover can be all sorted out if you take your chance to win a holiday sun bundle, which includes Green People SPF15 Sun Lotion with Tan Accelerator, Green People Scent Free Sun Lotion SPF25, and Green People Day Sun Lotion SPF 15.

That’s pretty much all the cover you’ll need to ensure you have enough protection from the sun. Prize supplied by Supplements.

Your feet might also need a bit of protection, even if you plan to spend most of your time on the beach with your feet caressed by the soft white beach sand. Some lightweight flip-flops like thongs will do as you might want to venture away from the sandy beaches or just explore some of the rougher parts of your destination which could do some damage to your bare feet.

The Sun Bundle Competition closes on Saturday 25th June, 2016. Get in touch to find out how to enter.

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