Stonehenge Makes an Excellent Day Trip for Visitors to Bath

From the iconic Roman Baths to Gainsborough’s artwork and the popular Jane Austen Centre, Bath is astoundingly rich in history, so there’s plenty to keep sightseers busy when they come for a visit. However, many visitors forget that Bath is also less than an hour’s drive away from another of the British Isle’s most legendary historical attractions: the mysterious Stonehenge.


One of the most famous World Heritage Sites on the planet, and one of the most archaeologically rich in the country, Stonehenge is a stunning structure dating from way back in the Neolithic Age, and its origins are still shrouded in the unknown. The site seems to have been occupied by ancient peoples since 8000BC, with the famous circle itself begun in 3000BC. It was over 500 years later that Bronze Age men began dragging the immense Bluestones and Sarsen stones from Wales to the current site.

Nowadays, Stonehenge is one of the most enduring images of the United Kingdom, and it holds plenty for visitors to see and do. Of course, you’ll want to see the stone circle itself, and The National Trust are always offering great guided tours of the site, as well as the surrounding landscape.

Once you’ve marvelled at the structure, make sure you check out the replica Neolithic Houses to find out what life was like thousands of years ago for our distant ancestors. Next, view over 250 ancient objects inside the visitor centre, which also hosts a stunning audio-visual 360-degree rendering of Stonehenge itself; you can stand in the middle to see how things look and sound at the winter and summer solstice.

Stonehenge is a site that everyone should take the chance to see, and it’s within ideal striking distance of Bath. From Bath’s iconic Great Pulteney Street, it’s less than an hour’s drive south-east along the A36 to reach the site, so you should make this a memorable daytrip on your next visit to the city. It’s a great attraction for adults, and there are more than enough interactive exhibits to keep the little ones entertained.

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