Staying Fit on the Move: A Healthy Habit

Whether it’s business, pleasure, a vacation with your family or any other reason that is keeping you on the road and traveling, there still is a way for you to stay fit and healthy.


Long flights, and even longer drives, are definitely exhausting, but they are also hazardous for your health. When you find yourself located hundreds miles away from the comfort of your home, your gym or your usual jogging route, staying motivated for an exercise might come as hard. Not to mention how hard it is sometimes to keep a diet.

Hopefully, you will find yourself on a place with a lot of interesting sights. Taking longer hikes frequently can always be an excellent alternative to a workout. In fact, hiking is one of the first suggestions from our list of tips that can help you stay active and on the move. But if keeping a diet while traveling is your problem, we have some tips for that too.

Go Sightseeing

If you are visiting a new city, or even a new country for the first time, the adrenalin from the experience itself might be a little bit overwhelming for your organism. Especially if you’re suffering from jet-lag, but there are ways that can help you fight that problem too. So if it’s your first day out in the city, remember to stay hydrated. Sightseeing will definitely present an amusing alternative for your workout.

However, if you are visiting the same place regularly, like if you are traveling for business or to your personal piece of paradise somewhere on the seaside, sightseeing gets old eventually. If you don’t find the routes as motivating as they used to be, you can always make your hike more intense and have a proper workout.

Be Prepared for Food Prep

Instead of opening a mini bar to grab a bag of chocolate goodies for a price of $15 usd at the middle of the night, you should feel free to make good use of that small refrigerator. Just get all the liquor and overpriced candies out of there, and stack yourself with enough food for the entire period of time that you are staying. Even if the hotel doesn’t serve healthy meals, you can always ask for hot water and cook an oatmeal in your room.

You shouldn’t feel weird about it, you would be surprised what kind of stuff people do in order to feel comfortable in their hotel room.

Hit the Gym

Even when you are visiting your dream place, and when there are so many stuff that you want to do, an occasional workout is in order. If the hotel that you are staying in doesn’t have a gym, or if it’s overcrowded, you can always find a local gym. Always ask for a weekly membership. If you can’t seem to find the time during the day, maybe you could end your day with a thorough workout. In Europe, 24hr nonstop fitness gyms are becoming a rising trend. And if you find yourself in any of the capitals of the continent, you can find an open gym in any time of day or night. You’re much more likely to make a point of getting to a gym if you already have the right sportswear with you. Be sure that your carry on case has a tracksuit and a good quality sports bra. Get Bra Advice have some great tips on picking multi-purpose sports bras that are perfect for training on the go.

Believe it or not, nighttime workouts come with quite a few benefits.

Do you have any tips on how to stay fit and active on your travel? I would love to hear them, so hit me up in the comment section.

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