Shopping: Best places for Electronics in Hong Kong

The lack of sales tax and import duty makes Hong Kong the best place to find bargains for electronic products. From desk tops to music players there are hundreds of places to look for the best price.

With inexpensive Brisbane to Hong Kong flights, travelers have a chance to save a lot on electronic gadgets.

The very latest consumer electronics products are available in Hong Kong because the local people enjoy and depend on them. The price for one model will vary greatly from shop to shop. For this reason, it is important to look in several places before purchasing. At the time of purchase, customers should make sure that the receipt has all the accessories listed and is to full warranty specifications. Also, they should check that the product is compatible with the voltage at home. Here are some of the places to find the best deals.

Mobile phones make fashion statements for the youth of Hong Kong. They each may have several models, and retailers need to offer the best prices to have the best sales. The electronic shops in Mong Kok including Temple Street Night Market and the Mong Kok Computer Center, Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui have the best deals for mobile and communication technology as well as MP3 players and other music equipment. For phones, buyers should find out which network systems are compatible with the models they buy.

Hong Kong always has the latest digital computer hardware including desktops, printers, notebooks and scanners and any other digital technology required. There is a great variety of products available to satisfy the very savvy locals. The Wan Chai Computer Center at 130 Hennessey Road, The Star House located in Tsim Sha Tsui and Windsor House Shopping Center at Causeway Bay are three locations where computer hardware and software as well as accessories are available at the best prices. Good prices for software can be found at Golden Computer Arcade at Sham Shui Po. They also have a large selection of gaming equipment.

Hong Kong is famous for photographic equipment and there are hundreds of shops throughout the city for cameras and accessories. Professional photographers go to Sai Yeung Choi Street in Kowloon and Stanley Street, Central on Hong Kong Island for parts as well as new equipment. Mong Kok Computer Center at 8 Nelson Road, in Mong Kok is another good place. Most audio and video shops will allow customers to compare sound and picture quality in the shop before purchasing.

After finding the best Brisbane to Hong Kong flights, visitors can start looking for the best prices for the electronic equipment they want. It is a good idea for buyers to check the prices at one of the major retailers such as Fortress to get an idea what price to expect and what would be a really good deal. In small street stores, buyers should always bargain for a lower price. The prices are usually set artificially high. Whether it is in a luxury mall or a crowded street market, they should buy recognized name brands that have the manufacturer’s warranty.

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