Why Should You Serve Loose Leaf Tea Instead of Teabags?

Nearly all restaurants like to serve tea at the end of a meal, and it’s certainly a prerequisite for cafes. Now, tea isn’t too hard to get wrong. All it takes is hot water and the leaves themselves. However, you could be missing a trick by sticking with tea bags instead of opting for loose leaf.

Here are just three compelling reasons why loose leaf takes the cake.

  1. Superior Aroma and Flavour

Firstly, loose leaf tea tends to provide a far superior flavour and aroma. This is mostly due to the fact that a higher grade of tea is used. For tea bags, low-grade leaves and dust are used because the focus is on convenience rather than taste. When loose leaf tea is made, the highest grade of whole leaves is used. Having larger leaves means that more of the natural oils are steeped out. To give your guests the fullest taste and aroma, there’s no substitute for loose leaf.

  1. Sense of Ceremony

People tend to use tea bags in their homes because it’s simply a lot easier to do so. Most want to throw in the bag and have their cuppa ready to drink in a few minutes. That’s fine when you’re in a hurry, but part of what makes visiting a restaurant or café nice is not having to worry about that sort of thing. Instead, you want your guests to feel like they can relax and take their time. By serving loose leaf tea, you’re giving the act of drinking tea a sense of refinement and relaxation that would be missing otherwise.

  1. Low Cost and Eco-Friendly

Tea bags cost more than loose leaf tea. The difference in price is small enough to make little difference to most people, but an establishment that serves tea to tens or hundreds of people each day can dramatically cut their costs by switching to loose leaf. You’ll also improve your eco-friendly credentials since loose leaf tea requires fewer raw materials, so you can help the planet, please your customers, and improve your margins in one fell swoop.

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