Here the season lasts a whole year

Polish mountains delight tourists with an unprecedented climate, beautiful views and attractions that allows you to spend time actively for almost four seasons of a year. A trip to the mountains whether it is lonely, with a loved one, family or friends is for many people an opportunity for a real rest. Both in summer and winter in the Polish Tatras it is simply beautiful. Mountain trails, climatic cities and villages allow for real breathing from the city noise, work and stress.

Take a break!

Zakopane and the region attract tourists primarily with a cult atmosphere and the possibility of rest – both very lazy and in full activity. Sometimes it happens that both of it are very much needed to us. The winter capital of Poland is primarily a paradise for skiers and lovers of trekking and other sports, because the developed areas allow for a lot. In addition, the climate of Krup√≥wki, local food and luxury SPA centers cannot be compared with anything else. That’s why Zakopane is pumping with life throughout the year. And most often this kind of rest is chosen by people who need regeneration after a hard time at work.

In the mountains! But how?

A trip to Polish mountains can be however troublesome. Legends pass information about traffic jams on Zakopianka and a long-running train from Crakow. It is worth to think carefully about the means of transport, because we have several options. Practice shows that we try to reach a certain compromise between the cost of travel, its duration and of course, comfort. The easiest way will be by car – we get everywhere and we can take as much luggage as we want. We are not interested in timetables and fixed routes. The downside is of course the price, though, and of course it depends on how many people travel together. In addition, we must be aware of traffic jams, changing weather conditions, repairs and, of course, driver fatigue. An interesting offer is the Polish State Railways – they bring passengers to the city center, the journey is comfortable – especially when full booking of seats is required. On the way to Zakopane, we can only beat the time we spend on the train from Crakow. Unresolved logistic problems make it a journey of torment. Tourists are increasingly choosing airplanes even on internal routes due to time savings, but also money if we find an interesting offer. From Crakow airport to Zakopane, we can go by a dedicated bus , which will take us quickly and professionally to the place indicated. And so we get full of good energy, and most importantly quickly and in comfortable conditions.

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