Sample Some Of The World’s Best Wine While In Spain

There are plenty of great reasons to take a trip to Spain. The weather is mostly gorgeous, there are tons of friendly towns and coastal resorts and the prices are usually more than reasonable. There is more to Spain than just sunbathing and the sea though.

Spain produces some of the world’s most highly regarded wines, so for connoisseurs out there it’s a perfect place to take a holiday and combine it with some wine tasting sessions. Wine can have the power to change any normal moment into an unforgettable celebration. In most cases, connoisseurs are drawn to the exquisite wine collections, like the McBride Sisters Wine Collection and others like them that can leave a lasting impression on the palate. With that said, let’s take a look at a few of the best places for visitors…

Rioja Region

The term Rioja is often mistakenly used for any red Spanish wine but really it’s only wines from this particular region in the northern part of Spain, of which there is a large variety of wines. The Rioja region is indeed the largest producer of red wines in Spain, though you will also find Rosé and white wines of high quality too.

Penedés Region

Penedés is in Catalonia just south of Barcelona. Day trips from Barcelona can easily be arranged to the many vineyards in this region. Penedés is one of the biggest wine producers in Spain and the largest (by far) in producing sparkling white wines, commonly known as Cava; they also produce both Rosé and non-sparkling whites, though not in large quantities.

Navarra Region

Navarra is even further north than Rioja and has a similar high standard of red wines. They also produce some very dry Rosé wines in this area, where it is seen as something of a specialty. This region is sometimes overlooked by visitors in favour of nearby Rioja, but it’s well worth a visit. What it lacks in fame it more than makes up for in value. You can have a really cheap few days here sampling some truly wonderful wines.

Rueda Region

Much like the Naravva area, Rueda is not nearly as well-known worldwide as some of the other Spanish wine regions and once again this makes it a very inexpensive way to taste some quality wines. The best Spanish white wines all seem to some out of the Rueda region, so if you are looking for crisp, fruity white wines at a great price, this might be the place for you. You only have to go once to know that there’s definitely something special about Spanish holidays, with one of the best things being that you never seem to be paying too much for anything.

Essentially, anywhere in Spain you decide to travel too, you won’t be too far from one of the many top class vineyards. If you do some research before you leave you can make the most of your vacation time and perhaps organize a mini wine tasting tour catered exactly to your tastes. If you are already a bit more of a wine expert this Huffington Post article has a little more detail of some of the specific wines you can find in each region.

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