Reasons Cabo is the Perfect Vacation Destination

Ask someone where they’re going for their honeymoon or for their family trip, and the answer more times than not is Cabo. There are reasons that Cabo is the destination most chosen for vacationing. Cabo San Lucas sits right on the tip of Baja California. It’s the part of Mexico that juts out on the left side of the map.


If you haven’t been to Cabo, you’re seriously missing out. If blue skies and ocean in most every direction doesn’t convince you to travel there, maybe the margaritas and fiestas will. In any case, here are reasons you need to pack your bags and book your tickets to Cabo San Lucas right now.

Rock and Roll Lives On

It’s no secret that Cabo is a hotspot for celebrity sightings. Not only is there a high end golf club home to almost every celeb you can think of right in Cabo, Sammy Hagar of Van Halen created the most famous club in town called Cabo Wabo.

When in Cabo, make Cabo Wabo a stop on your journey, party it up with the coolest people, brush elbows with the wealthy and famous, and listen to live music, all the while drinking your heart out in the sun. There are few places in the world where this kind of experience awaits you.

Lodging is Unparalleled

Although you can’t stay with the rich and famous at El Dorado unless you know them and are invited, the other options for accommodations are pretty unlimited. Choose your level of comfort and luxury, and Cabo will have lodging to match your needs. If you want a 24 hour view of the ocean, you can have it. If you want to be close the the market, no problem. Start saving up your pesos because you’re vacation in Cabo is about to get real and irresistible. With a decent saving, you can book your stay at places such as montage los cabos and similar ones in Santa Maria Bay. These resorts could be considered as the jewels of the bay.

The Sights Go On With the Horizon

Think the views end with a window from your condo and the ocean? Think again. You can see Cabo from above, you can see it from the sea, you can see it from the jungles, you can see it from the streets and markets. You can take a cruise on a pirate ship and watch as whales seem to fly from the depths of the ocean.

Whatever your fancy, Cabo offers it. Cabo is also a cheaper alternative to Hawaii and many other popular vacation destinations. It’s easy to get to, sunny all the time, and the adventures don’t end.

Still not convinced that Cabo is the perfect destination for you and your family to vacation to? You probably just don’t know enough. Here’s more information, have yourself a sunny ball.

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