Packing Tips and Tricks

Packing can be difficult even for veteran travelers. Packing incorrectly can result in damage to your personal property and can cause major obstacles for your trip. Here’re some helpful tips and tricks to make packing easier and more efficient.


  1. Try rolling your clothes in bundle and securing them with rubber bands.
  2. Put anything that can spill in plastic Ziploc bags.
  3. Wrap all your hair styling tools (flat iron, curling iron, etc.) in potholders.
  4. Pack earring and rings inside an olds lip balm container or pill organizer.
  5. Keep your dirty shoes from staining your clothes by putting them in shower caps.
  6. Pack hairpin in old tic tac container (this is a good way to store them at home as well).
  7. Cover power makeup with cotton balls.
  8. Throw anything small (pens, jewelry, sewing kit, tweezers etc.) into your makeup bag.
  9. Hide money in empty cosmetic bottles
  10. Put dryer sheets in your bag to keep every smelling fresh.
  11. Buy a lightweight suitcase
  12. Only use digital guidebook on your phone, tablet, etc. never a heavy book.
  13. When travel overseas avoid packing things to can easily buy once you’re there.
  14. Avoid packing jeans they heavy and try forever to dry.
  15. Leave some room in your bag for souvenirs.
  16. Use a glasses case or Ziploc bag to store all your gadget’s chargers
  17. Pack those spare plastic grocery bags to separate dirty from the rest on the return trip.
  18. Turn your dress jackets and blazers inside out to avoid wrinkles
  19. Try a colorful scarf to your luggage to avoid it being misplaced or taken by mistake.


Hopefully, these clever packing hacks make it easy for you to pack for your next trip. You can find these packing essentials at and

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