How to opt for a hotel you know will suit your personality

Have you ever arrived home feeling like you need a holiday from your holiday?  Or perhaps you felt agitated not moving from a sun bed for a week?  Choosing both a type of holiday and a hotel that suits your personality is essential, and we’ve got the ultimate guide for you to follow.  If you’re not sure which most accurately matches your personality, try taking an online quiz, such as the one offered by The Independent.

The sportsman
If a holiday is all about fitting in as many activities as possible for you, then look for a hotel that offers a whole range.  Some hotels offer endless water sports including kayaking, sailing, rubber ring rides and banana boating and could even be close to a water park if you’re lucky.  Some hotels hold competitions for guests, from swimming to ping pong, everything is a race.  You might also opt for one that offers day trips for backpacking or to go rock jumping, for example.

The relaxer
If you are the complete opposite of the sportsman, not moving from a sun lounger for a might just sound like heaven.  If this is you, it might be a good idea to opt for an adult only hotel for optimum peace and quiet.  You could also look for hotels with a spa or one that offers massages and treatments.

The budgeter
If you’re a renowned budgeter on holiday, then you should always try to be flexible with dates when booking, it is no secret that travelling during school holidays can cost you an arm and a leg.  If you book far in advance or last minute, you will be guaranteed the best deals on hotels.  An all inclusive hotel might be your best option, so you know exactly what you are spending and won’t risk going over budget.

The partier
It is possible that you are looking to dance the week away and you should be looking for an all inclusive hotel.  This way you don’t have to worry about going over your budget.  Finding a hotel with the right location is key, so make sure to research to ensure you are near all the best bars and clubs.  Some hotels will also have their own bars and clubs, and you can find out which is the best by reading reviews.  Look for hotels that offer bar crawls with discounts and free drinks.

The cultured traveller
A more cultured traveller might choose a hotel run by locals to really immerse themselves in the local culture.  These hotels can have a much more personal feel and are often located away from the busy, more tourist driven areas.  You could also search for a hotel that offers local cuisine in their restaurants as well as trips to museums, ruins and art galleries.

Well, there you have it – our guide to finding a hotel to suit your personality.  To get your search started, head to Travezi who offer exclusive deals on a whole range of hotels.  Good luck with your search!

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