Must-visit places for foodies in Salzburg

The city of Salzburg prides itself with having world-class restaurants, and it is currently branded as Austria’s culinary capital.  From modern international cafés to traditional Austrian cooking to Michelin star restaurants, Salzburg has a lot to offer.

This city is a must-visit for foodies.  Here are 10 must-visit places for foodies in Salzburg:

  1. Restaurant Esszimmer

This award-winning and highly-rated restaurant has been getting rave reviews from both critics and regular diners.  Chef Andres Kaiblinger is a master at harmonious flavour combinations.  The restaurant lives by three core values: ambience, passion, and taste.

  1. Die Weisse

This restaurant is the future of Austrian food, as it presents traditional favourites in flavourful and unexpected ways.  The menu constantly changes, as it reflects the seasonal availability of products.  Die Weisse also serves their very own bottle of beer, brewed on the premises. Try their house brewed beers The White Light, The White Dark, and the Jubilator.

  1. S’Kloane Brauhaus Restaurant

This restaurant serves the best of traditional Austrian food, set amidst a local setting.  It is a little bit away from the touristy area, but totally worth going to.  There is also a microbrewery in the premises.

  1. Restaurant Flavour

With a unique location on a side of a small mountain, Restaurant Flavour is a foodie’s dream destination, mixing fine dining with a cosy atmosphere.  Primarily marketed as a Wine Bar Restaurant, they have well-selected wines that pair well with their flavourful dishes, true to their name indeed. Their best mains are the ¼ fried Bauer duck with red cabbage sprouts and bread dumplings, and the Blutwurstgröstel with sauerkraut.

  1. Zum Zirkelwirt

This acclaimed restaurant has been getting rave reviews.  They have limited food on their menu, but every single dish is exquisitely prepared.  This is a favourite of both tourists and locals alike, so the place is always full. Its food has been described as wonderful and the place a gem of a find.  Try the sliced bread with pate for starters and the Wiener schnitzel baked butter for the main dish.

  1. Augustiner Bräu

This brewery serves food that goes well with their products.  Leberkäse, a type of meatloaf, an assortment of baked goods and other cooked meats are serves in three large beer halls.  This is Austrian culture at its finest.

  1. Café Fingerlos

This breakfast and brunch place located in Franz-Josef-Strasse is one of the best coffee houses in Vienna, also serving a great selection of famous Austrian confectionery and desserts.

  1. Das Restaurant Wasserfall

This is an Italian restaurant with a hidden entrance in the heart of Salzburg. Using the finest local ingredients, they serve some of the freshest Italian seafood and fish outside of Italy.  Some of their noteworthy mains are the Black Pasta with Sea Bass filet and salmon in crayfish, warm octopus with marinated asparagus on arugula, and the tagliatelle with asparagus and morels.

  1. Café Mozart

This classic dessert restaurant has been open since 1929, and true to its namesake, is a prodigy in preparing the best Austrian desserts like nockerl, brioche, apple strudel, and eggnog pie.

  1. Johanneskeller Restaurant

This restaurant serves hearty Austrian food in a very warm, inviting atmosphere.  It serves Austrian favorites like spaetzle with bacon and cheese, soup with cheese dumpling, and strudel.

Plan your trip in detail, take out your travel insurance policy, and go see the world and its culinary wonders.

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