What to look for in a summer home

Looking for your own piece of paradise under the sun? Or simply want to enjoy your retirement to the fullest? Maybe you want to make all those family vacations twice as special and relaxing? Whatever your reasoning for buying a summer home may be, it’s important that you know exactly what you look for – but still leave a room for some positive surprises. Determining your budget, potential extra costs as well as the cost of the trip to the summer home makes for some first steps before you start looking. The rest is all up to your preferences and finding a really good real estate agent. It’s essential that your agent actually knows all about the area you’re looking into. So, if you are still in need for some summery home visions, take a look at the following places.


United States

When it comes to finding the perfect summer home in the US, there are several key factors to consider. Location is paramount, as you’ll want a destination that aligns with your preferences, whether it’s the serene coastlines of the Hamptons, the lakefront beauty of the Great Lakes, or the charming atmosphere of Nantucket. Furthermore, budget and property type plays a significant role. It’s advisable to work with experienced realtors similar to Bernadette Meyer, who can guide you through the myriad of options and help you find a property that fits your needs, from cozy cottages to expansive estates. Also, keep in mind that amenities, proximity to local attractions, and the potential for rental income during the off-season are essential aspects to evaluate when searching for the ideal summer home. A dream summer retreat in the US is within reach, and with careful consideration and the right guidance, you can make it a reality.


This country’s economy might have had its constant ups and downs but this definitely isn’t the reason to overlook its options. Argentina is undoubtedly a place where fun never stops, with the weather, breathtaking scenery and culture making it one of the most appealing places for purchasing a summer home. Like with anything else in life, what type of home you want will depend on your specific tastes and needs. For those who are always on the lookout for urban lifestyle, apartments in Buenos Aires are worth checking out. On the other hand, if you truly want to get away from the city’s noise and crowd, vineyards in Mendoza could enrich your life.


Buying a vacation home in Turkey has never been more profitable. With so many young people of this country, the need for new housing is pretty grand, which all consequently lead to favorable real estate opportunities. This is especially true for foreigners who equally invest in coastal homes and apartments in Istanbul. If you want your own share of Turkish paradise, make sure to get in line, but with little patience and careful analysis of the market, you can definitely get your residential beach gem.

Dominican Republic

Have you already fall in love with Caribbean beauty? If that’s the case, look no further than Dominican Republic since the real estate in this country is pretty affordable compared to the rest of Caribbean. What’s more, the amount of tourists this place sees every year as well as foreign investors suggest that your own piece of paradise wouldn’t be so difficult to obtain. Punta Cana, Puerto Plata and Samana Peninsula are a must to check out if you’re on the hunt for a fabulous beach resort.


Make room for some European splendor as well. Spain has a lot to offer culture, climate and entertainment-wise. Millions of tourists are a definite proof of that. But those looking to buy a real estate should definitely focus on Malaga. A true haven of Costa del Sol, Malaga is a place that will offer you a charming atmosphere and a true vacation paradise. What’s more, Malaga is the best place to invest in when it comes to real estate which makes things especially great for those looking for mixture of urban mindset, traditional lifestyle and lovely beaches.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica may not be large but it’s definitely unmatched when it comes to the beauties of its beach cities. When looking for a vacation home for sale, look no further than Tamarindo, which is generally thought to be the best beach city this country has to offer. Diversity of Costa Rica’s culture is apparent in Tamarindo’s homes, allowing you a lot of options to choose from. Excellent infrastructure, airport vicinity and, of course, picturesque beaches, make this place in Costa Rica your dream summer getaway.

Bear in mind that money is not the main thing that should determine your purchase. Timing is everything when looking to buy a real estate. Getting yourself a summer home is not a process to be rushed, especially when you have to consider a place that could be rented as well. Patience and great real estate agent are two key factors that would help you get your money’s worth.

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