London’s Top Designer Stores

Worldwide, there are five fashion centers that are regarded as the best among the best and London is among them. Thus, it is only right and ideal that you should choose London as your travel destination if and when you decide to improve your wardrobe by purchasing trendy and high-end products.

As one of the top central fashion districts in the world, you can expect that this historic city promotes top designer stores in London that any enthusiast would want to explore and splurge on. However, there’s something that a consumer like you need to surmount first before you can enjoy your shopping spree. With the numerous top designer stores in London, which retailer/s should you select?

This decision can be very significant for a true fashion trendsetter so to help you deal with this dilemma, here is a list of stores that you should consider when it comes to reputation and distinction in the world of fashion.

Louis Vuitton Maison – This is not a just another Louis Vuitton store that you can find anywhere in the world because this London-based, outrageously big store with its 35, 000 ft2 dimension is considered as the leading Louis Vuitton store worldwide. The term “Maison”, which is added to all product labels coming from store, denotes mega in the language of Louis Vuitton. You will be able to discover truly valuable items from designer clothes, lugage, watches, bags, and other collections.

Radley – If you are on the lookout for a handbag, then wellknown British handbag designer, Radley, should be one of your top choices. It will be easy to spot one of Radley stores while shopping in London. Check out the stores at Westfield Stratford City, Westfield White City, and Covent Garden.

Harrods – With its trademark dark green canopy and terra cotta frontage, you should also consider this huge retailer as a shopping venue particularly if you are looking for clothes. Although it prides itself to selling almost anything, recently Harrods focused on wholly selling clothing mostly on women’s wardbrobe, ranging from designer dresses to fashion accessories. Nevertheless, you can find men’s wares on the first floor including cigar and tailoring shops and the remainder of the store features almost all other products.

Marks and Spencer – If you want quality and affordability in your purchases, then Marks and Spencer is an ideal choice. Found in Oxford Street, this leading store brand features mostly men’s cut suits, remarkable collection of shoes, and others.

Nike – Yes that’s right, Nike is quickly becoming one of the big luxury brands in the world as a trendsetter in fashion. Their flagship sports clothing and footwear store found in Oxford Circus is the largest sports department in the whole of Europe. The quality and affordability of their products is one you don’t want to miss, especially when combined with special offers like those from Raise. If you’re looking for comfortable fashion you can run in, Nike is the place you want to be.

Marc Jacobs’ Marc – This is another store that offer quality products at competitive prices. As one of the iconic brands in London, Marc, which is located South Audley Street is a retailer that a conscientious shopper should pay a visit.

These shops are only a few of the fashionable and popular shopping stores for quality, trendy and distinct products. For instance, be a trendsetter at the same a philanthropist by shopping at British Red Cross, check out the high-tech products at Acne Studio, or try the innovative and unconventional offers at Uniqlo. Clearly, this famous city provides a wonderful shopping experience through its top designer stores in London not to mention the impressive views and sounds that it offers.

After spending the day shopping, why not stop off at one of the many restaurants in London and get something to eat and relax before heading home.

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