London’s Best Dim Sum Restaurants

From steamed burns to dumplings, dim sum boasts one of the most dedicated followings. Although the capital is full of a quite a few surprising finds, most people still go to Chinatown for their fix.

Dim sum is now mainstream too, the venues provide users with an easy to understand introduction to each delicacy.

There are some great offers to be had at restaurants in London; so have a look for restaurant deals before choosing where you’re going to chill with some Dim Sum. If you are an aficionado, then you should definitely read the pick of authentic dim sum restaurants in London – just before the Chinese New Year commences.

Hakkasan Mayfair and Hakkasan

The illustrious Hakkasan and its sister the Hakkasan Mayfair are still the two most talked about Chinese restaurants in London and continue drawing full houses. The dim sum served from the two restaurant’s Michelin-starred kitchens has been described as “ambrosial”. The fare ranges from steamed fattened chicken to XO scallop and fish maw wrap. Although the established enforce table turning and the prices are in the high end of the scale, the experience offered has not been matched elsewhere.

Leong’s Legends
With its two branches (in Chinatown and bayswater), Leong’s king is known for its generous servings of Taiwanese dishes that include soup dumplings. The restaurant’s cuisine also includes more traditionally prepared dim sum. However, it is definitely not the best placed if you are the lingering type, due to the long queue outside. However if you are in for that fiery snack, there is not better bet.

Min jiang
The location offers a spectacular view across Hyde Park. Coupled with its friendly service and glossy design, the Min Jiang is everything you can expect for the up market Chinese. Although Beijing duck is the restaurant’s dim sum still remains the lunch time favorite and option include braised belly pork taken with Chinese buns. Although you could definitely find cheaper places in town, the perfect setting and admirable wine collection makes it the perfect lunch destination.

Mandarin Palace
Although the Gants hill roundabout it does not fit the bill as a location for an expensive restaurant; this is happily compensated for by some of the most exquisite Cantonese food you can find in London. This includes fresh, attractive dim sum (smooth slippery congee and fish balls) are the favorites. Flash enough for dates, the Mandarin Palace is an all rounder where you can also have great fun with family and friends.

Pearl Liang
It is a Chinese favorite offering some of the most exquisite dim sum in up market bayswater. Scallop dumplings and sweet-sticky braised pork burns are the favorite classic while it also serves inspired creations like pork with yellow radish. For novices, there are set menus offering useful introduction for each item.

Princes Garden
It is a posh, yet unpretentious Chinese decked with oriental art, marble surface and well arranged tables that provide the perfect atmosphere for corporate lunches. The lunchtime favorite is reasonably priced dim sum that has been described by many as “out of the world.” Remember to also check out the tarco croquettes and steamed dumplings.

Taking the drive to north Greenwich for the exquisite cuisine at this big restaurant is definitely worth the effort. The cavernous kitchen serves steamed crab and pork dumplings, tarco croquettes, whelks with curry sauce and specials that include duck tongues with garlic sauce and sweet desserts.

Royal China
With its growing legion of committed customers, Royal China is now synonymous with the best dim sum. The Royal China is comprised of six branches in London to cater for this demand. Flamboyant gold and black interiors create a distinct impact while treats like yam paste served with dried meat and pork and radish dumplings provide massive appeal to dim sum enthusiasts. According to many reviewers, the best Royal China branch is the baker street branch.

Shanghai Blues
The establishment takes inspiration from the 1920s shanghais oriental glamour yet the setting is distinctly modern Chinese. This provides the perfect backdrop to indulge your appetite for delicious dim sum. From fluffy steamed buns to yam croquettes and prawn dumplings, the menu showcases skilled hands in the kitchen. The live jazz weekends offer an added bonus for the restaurant is following.

Located quite a distanced from the touristy Chinatown, this dim sum and teahouse parlor still remains one of the most talked about venues in London. Whether you wish to sit in the nightclub like basement or the airy ground floor depends on personal choice. However, the inventive creations on the rather small dim sum menu were all designed to please everyone. Be sure to try out the tarco and pear croquettes or pumpkin and roast duck dumplings.

Trying different or unusual foods can be a great ice breaker especially on a first date, so why not look for places that offer private dining in London so you can try new foods and talk without having the whole restaurant watching you.

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