Insider’s Guide to Prague

Basking in the history of a thousand years, Prague, the capital of the Czech republic has many interesting things to offer the wide-eyed tourist.

History, food, religion, adventure, party and much more: here are the top 5 things to do in Prague:

1. Hello To History
Old buildings may not interest you much but the architecture of Prague is much more than that. With buildings and structures from the medieval age, keep your eyes open for saints, gods and gargoyles that adorn them. Staré Mêsto and Charles Bridge are some places with sculptures that will make you turn your head. The carved stone head at the Charles Bridge that was a flood gauge, the Franz Kafka museum with claustrophobic sections, gothic architecture of the Prague Castle, the clock tower of St Vitus’s Cathedral are other hot spots.

2. Time Travel
If you thought that all that a clock could do was tell time, you have to see the Astronomical Clock that shows five different types of time! Made in 1410, the clock has wooden saints that appear in the ‘Parade of the Apostles’ while an act takes place below them. If you have the time, you can try and figure out the zodiac symbols on the clock though this can get a bit tricky. The Iron Maiden, Head Crusher, screams of a witch being burnt: the torture museum has 3 floors of hideous and creative ways of punishing people in medieval times (for the strong hearted).

3. Dine In Czech Style
Local beer is a speciality in Prague. Many of the bars here specialise in this golden frothy drink so make sure to try as many as possible. You can go for some easy-on-the pocket local food at the restaurants offering unique Czech dishes. For more high-brow dining there is the Michelin star Allegro, Alcron for sea food specials, all vegan Country Life, scrumptious pizzas at Capua, Albio for completely organic grub and Turkish tea houses as well.

4. Art It Up
With its tongue-in-cheek take on capitalism, DOX is an important center for art, and the exhibitions there will definitely leave an impact on you. The Prague House of Photography exhibits a combination of classic and contemporary Czech photography with recent local trends while Leica Gallery looks at local art photgraphers. At the puppet show, you could attend one of the productions or buy a puppet for yourself. These puppet shows are of high quality, have a variety of dolls, grand sets and very enjoyable music. You can also write a message to the Beatle John Lennon on a wall the John Lennon Wall.

5. Party Time!
Folk rockers and local musicians are best caught at Akropolis. You can also groove to some indie and world bands there. For jazz acts, blues, jam nights and reggae, head to Lucerna Music Bar. Cross Club is a hip art bar while Bordo is more rocking and noisier. You can go a step further into Ujezd, a three-storeyed building that plays loud music all night long and has a young crowd that never tires.

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