How to Travel Light for a Round the World Trip

Planning your round the world trip is exciting, however it can also be a little daunting too. Trying to decide what to pack for your amazingly diverse range of experiences can lead to a bulging suitcase and no room to bring back any souvenirs. To help you feel more confident on how to properly pack for your adventure, here are some top tips on how to travel light for a round the world trip.

The Essentials

You should start off by allocating space in your suitcase for the absolute essentials. These should be things that you might not be able to buy so easily overseas, and yet are important to enjoying your trip. From a quality rain-proof jacket to your favourite pair of hiking shoes, there are some things that you simply can’t live without on your overseas adventure. These items will depend on your destinations, itinerary and type of activities you intend to do, so spend some time working it all out before you start packing.

Versatility is Key

Ideally, you are looking to pack clothes and shoes that are highly versatile and useful in a range of situations. Singlets are great to be worn on their own in warmer destinations, yet can be useful in layering for when it gets cold. Have a pair of jeans that are dressy enough for evening wear yet are just as comfortable in a local pub. For the ladies, the best way to cut down on your clothes is to keep things simple and accentuate your outfit with bold accessories. You can take a simple daytime jeans and shirt look into the evening by having eye-catching jewellery and some striking make up. Best of all? It won’t take up precious room in your luggage!

Carry-On Capacity

Don’t forget about your all-important carry-on bag. Always prep your carry-on luggage to have a book, your favourite music, a spare shirt and pants in case of any misadventures, your toothbrush and other basic toiletries. This will help to keep you feeling fresh and ready to hit the ground running when you arrive at your first destination.

Savvy Souvenir Shopping

To save room in your suitcase, there are some things that are better bought overseas. Around the world, you will find markets with bargain offerings on clothes, accessories and other useful items. You can always plan on picking up some t-shirts, handbags and other great goodies on your travels. Not only does this mean you don’t have to bring it all from home, it also serves as a souvenir that you can take back and remember your incredible trip by.

Getting the Best Deals

When preparing for a round the world trip, you want to your suitcase to be light, not your wallet! To get the best deals on flights and accommodation, check out In addition, you’ll find an amazing range of tours, working holidays and some of the best cheap trip ideas on the web.

With these top travel tips, you are bound to be able to enjoy your round the world trip without being weighed down by the drag of oversized luggage. By packing right and planning ahead, you can travel light and ensure that your adventure overseas is truly the trip of a lifetime!

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