How to save on a UK holiday

The UK is a top holiday destination. The rich history of the country provides it with many places to go and things to see. However, that also comes with a “side effect” that might not be to the liking of everyone. And that’s price.

The UK is known for the fact that holidays there can prove to be quite expensive. If you’re going there with your family, you will want to save money, instead of spending it all. But is there a way to get to such a sought-after holiday destination and save money in the process? Actually, there are some ways, and they are listed below for your thorough consideration.

Spending money

Luckily you won’t have to queue up to change your cash to Euros, you can simply just spend your hard earned without worrying about exchange rates. To get some extra cash for my holidays, I normally do a sweep and look for things I don’t use any more to sell; if they’re no good to me I may as well get some money for my old mobile phones, or even clothes rather than just throwing them away.
London is not the only thing to see

The first thing one should consider is getting out of London. Yes, obviously, London is an iconic city, with a lot to see and do. Big Ben, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, these are undoubtably landmarks that should be visited at least once in a lifetime. But accomodation and food can be very expensive in London, and the idea of eating and sleeping less is obviously one that doesn’t advantage you as a tourist.
There is plenty of stuff to do on the outskirts of London, and it comes cheaper as well.  The north of England might prove to be a nice alternative
Save on travelling
Be on the lookout for discounts of hotel rooms. Sign up for their mailing lists and check out websites. There are websites which have deals on hotel rooms, so keep your eyes sharp.

Be wise about accomodation.

When checking the prices of hotels and bed and breakfasts, do make sure you can indeed afford them. If your budget is not sufficient, be on the lookout for cottages, especially on the outskirts of London. Most of them require the same items a hotel does, and give you more privacy while helping you save a lot of money.
Do a little research

There is a lot of stuff to do these days, and many attractions have discounts on their fees. You just have to know where to look. For example, an adult membership for historical sites is 46 pounds. It allows you to take up to six children with you for free and lasts for a year. And all of UK’s national museums are free to enter, which is always great for a holiday.

Keep the kids entertained

There’s a wide variety of activities for children to engage in so be on the lookout for museums, libraries, and other places that might provide a great amount of stimulation to their creativity.

Travel by train

Travelling by train is an old-fashioned experience that will save you money. Fuel costs are on the rise,so a train ticket costs cheaper than renting a car or catching a cab. Off-peak times will give you even more advantages. If you plan on an extended stay in the UK, getting a Rail Card might help. You have to pay for it, but it’ll help you save over a year.

Prefer traveling off-season

This is rather obvious, but travelling off-season will help you a lot. Even a week of booking ahead of peak seasons will make a huge difference in your budget. Thus, do book and travel wisely, and you’ll get a chance to experience more, spending less.

These money-saving tips can give you an entirely new English experience, while helping you keep a close eye on your budget so that you can fully enjoy the vacations without worrying about the things like the budget and expenses of traveling from a place to other. The great thing about it is that it seems to limit your options, and it actually does not. It offers a great deal of opportunities to learn about a country you thought you knew, and helps you spend less money in the meantime. This provides a great alternative to the typical tourist experience of England, which, as memorable as it might be, can prove to be quite costly sometimes.

Approach it with confidence and an open mind, and you’ll most likely enjoy every minute of it. There’s much more to a country than its most well-known landmarks and such tips and tricks will surely help you go beyond what is known to the majority. This is definitely an opportunity not to be missed by anyone who wants a “slice” of England.


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