How to save money on airport parking

You need to be fully prepared when booking airport parking. It makes no difference whether or not it is the first time you are booking. You could have done it a hundred times, either way you need to be prepared for anything.

Take our advice and find out how to save money on Stansted Airport parking . The following tips are sure to help you save meaning you’ve got more to spend whilst you’re away.

Book early

It is a fact that you can save up to 60% on airport parking fees if you book in advance. If you pay at the gate, you end up paying a lot more and waste precious time. Parking areas can be very full during peak times, but if you book Birmingham Airport parking in advance, you are guaranteed to have your spot. Try to compare prices before making a decision. You can usually find great deals on Luton Airport parking if you look on the likes of

Product – choose the right one for yourself

Choosing the correct product to meet your needs will ensure that you covered adequately. Will you be parking for long or short periods of time or is it for meeting and greeting only? You need to ask yourself these questions before choosing a product – the price does differ!

Do not take the first option – shop around

Many travel agencies tend to charge for airport parking as an added extra. Do your homework – shop around for competitive quotes. You can also use parking-finding apps, such as Parkopedia (see parkopedia parking review here) to find the most affordable deals on nearby airport parking. These apps can be used to compare prices and book parking spots in advance, saving money and time.

Cancellation policies

Choose a parking option that allows you to be flexible and one that offers free cancellation options. Make sure that you choose a policy that allows you to change booking details and cancel twenty four hours in advance.

Allow for extra time

You really do not want to miss your flight! Make sure that you allow for enough time to park your car, especially if you need to catch a shuttle from the parking area.

When you arrive home

Make sure that you are organized. Know where you need to be in order to collect your car and where the shuttle will be picking you up, if you require their services. The shuttle may pick you up in a different location to where they dropped you off.

Park Mark – security

You always want to make sure that your car is safe. Look out for the “Park Mark” areas. These areas are much safer than regular parking and are monitored by security. This is especially important if you are going to be away for long periods of time.

Hotels at the airport

If you can, try to stay at one of the hotels at the airport, especially if you are departing very early in the morning. There are park and fly packages available and they normally do not cost more than the parking itself.

Cancellation Protection

This is an added extra that is worth it. Many companies offer cancellation protection, which allows you to cancel twenty four hours in advance if needed, and you will get your money back. You never know when there will be an emergency and you have to cancel.

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