How to Save Money in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a very popular European city and is visited by millions of people each year. It is unfortunately one of the more expensive cities as well, but there are ways to save money if you are visiting Amsterdam on a budget. Here are a few great money saving tips, that we know you will use to your advantage.


Flights to Amsterdam are relatively cheap, but accommodation is what will normally chew up all your cash. Accommodation is the main area in which you should look to save money. Amsterdam has a long list of hostels where you can stay. Hostels provide you with a comfortable, friendly and cheap place to stay. Staying in a hostel is definitely the best way to save money in Amsterdam.

It would be wise to book your trip using a credit card rather than a debit card, as you’re offered protection from the credit card company should anything go wrong such as the airline going bust . To find which cards offer the most protection, use a credit card comparison service online to see which is best for you.


Sightseeing is normally at the top of every tourists list of things to do when visiting new places. There are a number of great cheap and free things to see and do here in Amsterdam. Visiting open air markets are a popular pastime for Dutch people and if you ask where to go, you can spend quite a few hours strolling around these fabulous shopping spots. Be sure to visit Bloemenmarkt, which is the only floating market in the world – a fantastic way to too spend the day without breaking the bank.

There are numerous beautiful churches in and around the city that are 100% free to visit. The Westerkerk is only accessible by ferry, but that is a free trip as well. The ferry ride allows you to see views that cannot be seen from anywhere else in the city.

Take a city canal cruise, it costs around twelve Euros and is a great way to spend seventy five minutes of your day here in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Buying an I Amsterdam card for fifty Euros is another great way to save money. It is valid for forty eight hours and allows you to get some great deals and discounts on a number of things, including entrance fees, transportation and so forth.


Amsterdam is full of restaurants and cafes, basically on every street corner, where you can find some super deals on meals and snacks. Coffee shops in Amsterdam are known to be different, where patrons are legally allowed to smoke Marijuana, and these coffee shops often run specials to attract new customers. So ,if you’re wanting to smoke marijuana, be sure to make the most of any of the deals you can find to save on some money. You can probably also find a lot of unique bongs for sale along with the usual varieties of excellent strains to smoke. On the same note, depending on how you have traveled to Amsterdam you’ll more than likely not have any of your own cannabis equipment or accessories. So it can be worth noting that you are also able to find such supplies like your grinders and bongs, either in coffee shops or online in efforts to find the cheapest options.

The best way to save money in any country has got to be to actually cook your own food – everyone knows that! So, why not prepare meal where you are staying and take them with you when you go out sightseeing. Another great way to save money is to make use of the hostels kitchen. A lot of the hostels have cooking facilities available for guests to make use of. Try to make friends with the people in the hostel and “club” together to buy food and enjoy a meal with them. It is a cheap way to make great food and meet new friends at the same time.

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