Holidaying in The Lake District

Many people commonly refer to the Lake District in the north-western part of England as just the Lakes. This region with its mountains is very popular among visitors from all parts of the world; especially those who like to explore and enjoy natural beauty. There are a number of major features such as the mountains, lakes and fascinating history that attract people to this region.

A major part of this region was attached to the Lake District National Park, the second largest, in the United Kingdom in 1951. Thus, the highest mountain as well as the longest and deepest lake in the UK can be found in the Lake District. If you’re looking to go to the Lake District, book a cottage in the area with regional cottages.

The Lake District is bestowed with breathtaking scenic beauty and many visitors come to this place to enjoy just that. They spend hours hill-walking in the rugged landscape. The hillocks and mountains of the district provide an excellent opportunity for climbing and many people endeavour to climb them every year. The largest mountain in England, Scafell Pike, is one among the three peaks that has to be climbed as part of the National Three Peaks Challenge.

The Spectacular Lake District

England’s largest lake Windermere attracts a wide range of visitors each year who are looking for different ways to enjoy the water. This part of the Lakes has been popular with the visitors for centuries and from 2008 onwards, it is the venue for the Great North Swim. Visitors can enjoy the cruises in the Great Lake or hire self-driven boats. There are many hotels near to the Lake in Windermere so that the visitors are always close to the stunning scenery.

The area around the lake is extremely popular as a camping place and families have used the area for generations. It is the best place to unwind and relax, when the children are swimming in the lake, or even experience fishing for the very first time. There are many activities that one can get involved in: hiking, horse riding, mountain biking, canoeing and abseiling, among many others.

The Lake District is considered as a dream location by any outdoor enthusiast. However, there are a number of other activities as well that the visitors can participate in. There are golf courses, cinemas and hot air balloon rides. The visitors can exhaust themselves doing outdoor activities and then enjoy in an array of inns, bars and restaurants that are available there.

Most of the eateries in the Lake District use the locally grown as well as available products which are fresh and of good quality. Whatever is your preference – a conventional, local public house or a stylish and modern restaurant – each person will be able to find one that suits his/her taste. Tea rooms are also extremely popular throughout the District. Visitors can stop by and enjoy quaint cream tea all through the day before burning off calories during their walks.

Cookery classes and farmer’s markets are fast catching up and are offering new options for tourists to enjoy the local cuisine or get involved in when visiting the Lake District. Cookery class is available to those who want to learn to make local dishes. A lot of things keep happening in the area and tourists may find it beneficial to time their visits depending on the occasion.

It is a difficult proposition to decide as to where you should begin when planning a tour to the Lakes. However, you have to first decide on the events that you want to see; whether it is the largest pencil in the world or the home of the Peter Rabbit and friends.

Many National Park tours with guides are available to make sure that you do not miss out on the scenic beauty of the area. The experienced guides will take you around and help you explore the diverse landscape within a stipulated time frame as it is easy to get lost in the hills.

You will find it truly amazing when it comes to the celebrations in this area. If you can time your visit well, then you can enjoy the Mintfest at Kendal or local Scarecrow festival. Moreover, you will always find yourself at home in the Lake District as the local people love sharing their customs and traditions with visitors. You will not only make many friends but also will want to come back to the Lakes every year.

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