Holiday with young children abroad

How to get the most from your holiday stress free.

Going on holiday is an exciting time for a family. It’s a chance to spend some decent quality time together and for everyone to relax and unwind. From the moment of booking everyone is looking forward to the getaway and soon enough the countdown begins. Its cost a great deal of money and you want nothing more but to have a great time filled with good memories and come home de – stressed.


It’s important when you have young children that you will be taking abroad with you to plan and prepare ahead. Doing this will ensure you are ready for anything that will likely happen whilst you are abroad. And with young children en route anything can happen! Firstly ensure you get all the information from your travel agent regarding hotels do they have a kids club? Entertainment directed at young kids? Anything surrounding for days out suitable for young ones. Get as much information as possible so you can plan your days to keep the children happy. Secondly make sure you have insurance travel and medical you never know what can happen with young children in a different country it is stressful enough ensuring they are entertained on a daily basis but finding yourself in a situation in an unfamiliar country is stress on a whole new level!

Ensure passports and documents are prepared in good time along with booking in for necessary vaccinations. Make sure you arrange with family of neighbours to look after your house when you are away and any pets are planned for. You don’t want to come home from holiday with a stress full situation awaiting you or you may want to sell your house and move back abroad.

Remember to pack correctly firstly for the journey having small children on an aeroplane can be very stressful so ensure you take plenty of things to occupy them, food and drink to ensure they don’t get hungry, thirsty and grumpy. A small fold away buggy is essential for little legs and can be easily folded and put under the plane. If they are a little too big for a buggy you can try ride on suitcase which are available to buy.

For your time on holiday ensure you pack plenty of suitable clothes for yourself and your children. Packing a first aid kit, plenty of sun cream and other essential items you might not be able to get a hold of is important to have on your pack list. Again ensure you find out in advance if there are any shops close to where you will be staying so you know you will be able to buy items you may have forgotten or have run out of.

Be careful when you are in a different country with young children never allow children out of your sight unless they are with appropriate official child minders/kids club workers. Keep a close eye on them in swimming pools as many pools will not have life guards.  Ensure all children have plenty of sun screen applied and have hats on in hot weather.

Lastly try and relax and enjoy your time on holiday it won’t be a long time away so try and enjoy every day and create nice memories for your family.

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