Where should I go in France besides Paris?

Wondering what are some great places to visit in France beside Paris? There are literally hundreds of beautiful villages and small towns in the country, and each region has its own special nooks and crannies to offer. So be sure to include some of these lesser known gems in your itinerary while choosing a France tour package:


  1. Bonneval-sur-arc

Around 6 hours and a half hours from Paris, you can get to Bonneval Sur Arc by bus from Modane. Bonneval is starkly different during summer and winter. During summer, it is a great place for family picnics and outdoor activities. During winter, it turns into a ski resort. If you are looking for a combination of skiing, hiking and a provincial way of life, Bonneval is a good place to visit. It is below the Col de l’lseran, one of the highest mountains in Europe, so it is recommended for sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. If you like skiing, this well-kept secret should be a part of your France holiday package.

  1. Annecy

A blissful haven for for romantic couples, Annecy’s main attractions include Le Palais de l’Isle, a historical 12th century castle built right in the middle a canal, the colorful Rue Saint Claire and the dark blue waters of the Annecy Lake. The European Gardens has diverse vegetation that you can roam through for hours. Just take a train from Paris Gare de Lyon to Annecy and in less than 4 hours, you should reach the picturesque town of Annecy, sometimes referred to as “Little Venice”.

  1. Peillon

Perched on a cliff about 18 km (11 miles) north of Nice on the French Riviera Secondly, Peillon is unique among France’s charming, picturesque small towns. What this pedestrian only town lacks in souvenir stands, restaurants and shops it, more than makes up for it with spectacular views as you walk around the city. Be sure to pack comfortable shoes!

  1. Étretat

This is a small village on the Normandy coast in northwest France. This resort town on the English Channel is famous for being the last place The White Bird was seen in 1927; the plane was carrying two aviators trying to fly nonstop between Paris and New York. You should include a trip here for the spectacular white chalk cliffs and three natural arches that have inspired such artists as Courbet and Monet. Guy de Maupassant.

France packages are often crammed with boring things that most tourists like to do and you often end up soaking in some of the really beautiful cities and towns that make it one of the most romantic and charming places in Europe.

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