It’s more than glamour; explore the soul of Los Angeles

Glamour is associated with Los Angeles and glamorous is the place. When you go beyond the glitz and glamour you get to know the real city; the city that has its soul different from popular belief about it. Farmer’s Market is one of the places that you must explore while being in LA as part of your USA tour. It’s there since 1934 and all kind of things are there to amuse you. There are a few restaurant also that you must explore as you would get most savory meal. Santa Monica is another popular destination you must include in the LA chapter of your USA holiday package. It’s the place that caters to every aspect of your personality and whether you are interested in sporting activities like skateboarding and surfing or shopping attracts you, you will find your joy in Santa Monica. Walking on the golden sand along its coast would give you joyous warmth and after satisfying your soul, you can also go for shopping as the place has a number of vintage stores and boutiques to cater to shopping lover in you. There are street performers also at the place to amuse you with their quirky acts. The place deserves its rightful place in your USA package.


Venice Beach is one place that the sea lover in you would love to explore. Just take a walk along the seafront and see how people are indulged in the little joys of life; cycling, jogging to rollerblading, everyone has his amusement. There are a lot of great hotels around the area, such as the Venice Beach CA Hotel, and a number of places for people interested in creative arts. In fact, there is even a place called Muscle Beach where people come to pump iron and build muscles. When interesting people are there, food stalls are bound to be there and you would find a number of stalls serving food of eclectic variety to you. You USA tour package would do justice if it includes the place in your itinerary. Long Beach is also there that you should try to visit. There are a number of destinations in LA for the artist in you and some of them that you should visit include the Getty Center, Natural History Museum and Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

When you explore different aspects of a city like LA, you feel satisfied as you are not confined to the popular belief about the place but have touched its soul. As for helping you explore Los Angeles, rely on SOTC.

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