Getting the Authentic North American Cultural Experience

The United States in particular has long been seen as the epitome of the “New World,” particularly due to its leading position at the forefront of shaping popular culture. Beyond the Eurocentric view of what true and authentic culture is however, and beyond the strong points tabled in the polystyrene-cup-instant-coffee (North America) versus slow-brewed-quality-filter-coffee (Europe) argument, North America does indeed have a lot of authenticity in the cultural experience it offers. Fully experiencing this seemingly mystified culture however begins with filing an ESTA application, the first and perhaps most important step to reaping the benefits of a US Visa Waiver program which is streamlined by a specialized ESTA USA application service.


Making reference to North America as having qualities such as authenticity in the cultural experience the vast destination offers may otherwise appear to be somewhat paradoxical, particularly for those travellers whose most authentic cultural experiences are based on their travels to ancient European, Asian, African, and even South American destinations. Once a traveller has full freedom of the land however, a lot of authentic North American culture lies in wait, just waiting to be discovered and in a sense rediscovered.

Pop-culture may be dynamic and forward-looking in its very nature, but it is still culture either way and the USA has plenty of it to offer, along with the surrounding countries which naturally enjoy very close links with the United States. From the traveller’s point of view however, the authentic North American cultural experience is best sought via the exploration of two pillars of what has been iconically dubbed the American dream, represented by destinations including Texas and New York.


It seldom gets more authentic than Texas in terms of North American culture as this part of the South is deeply rooted in the early formation of Western settlement culture. A stop at the Devil’s Rope Museum offers a great view into the history of this Western settlement culture, although this museum is quite specific in its dedication to barbed-wire, of all things; something which was indeed of great importance to this settlement culture. There is indeed a lot more to see in Texas itself and on the way there, especially if the iconic Route 66 road is taken.

New York

New York is brimming with essentially what represents the rapid and continued development of the American dream, with a diverse mix of cultures from all corners of the globe, some of which cultures are represented by first and second-generation immigrants. Street food serves as a good on-the-go alternative to some of the finest dining establishments in the world, while the everyday life of the average person is depicted through the vibrant buzz of the heart of the city. Some premium and prestigious locations chip in with their fair share of representing the “celebrity,” or elite upper-class culture, such as the Four Seasons hotel. If something like the Four Seasons is out of reach of the typical traveller’s budget, then a mere visit offers enough of a taste of this flavour of North American culture. Otherwise there is a whole lot more to see and do in New York, in pursuit of the most authentic American and North American culture.

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