First timer’s guide to Goa.

The holiday season is just around the bend and its time to start planning a trip. Though this vacation may only be a short one, what better place to relax than in Goa. If you are one of those many people who is planning a Goan holiday for the first time, here are some basic things you need to consider.


Travelling within Goa is a breeze. Though there are public modes of transportation available, the best mode to see Goa is on a bike or a motorcycle. If you cannot ride a bike yourself, then hire one with a driver. Also, carry your identification card with you as without one, you will not be able to hire a vehicle.  A car is also a good option but then there are many small lanes that is best suited for a two wheeler.

Food: You will have a lot of choices for food. If you love sea food, then this will be your ultimate heaven and no Goa holiday would be complete without having some delicious crab curry. Make a list of places where you would want to eat. Also, if you are a vegetarian, check all your options.

There will be beach: Carry ample sun screen for this Goa tour as the sun will be high and you will be lounging next to the blue waters. Finding a nice spot on the beach and relaxing is what a Goan holiday is all about.

Adventure sports: Most of the beaches have a lot of adventure activities. Try wind surfing, jet skiing, Scuba Diving & Snorkelling or just spot dolphins.

Nightlife: Nightlife is very vibrant in Goa.  Bright lights, great music and finger licking good food is what you can expect. Many shacks by the beach play music all night long and you can dance to the tunes on the beach itself. There are also flea markets that operate during the night if you just want to indulge in some shopping.

Heritage spots: If you are done with the beach, check out some heritage spots in and around Goa. Head to the forts where history was created or the churches which gives you a glimpse of the devotion and the artistry of Goa. Or just drive around and spot old Portuguese mansions and houses to get a feel of how the locals live.

Everyone must tour Goa at least once. SOTC can help you plan and create a Goa tour package as per your needs.

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