Family Activities to Try in the Algarve

The Algarve is a great place loved by many holidaymakers and explorers, but although it’s well known; certain parts of this amazing place still go widely unexplored. Many of the hidden gems and secrets that the Algarve has to offer are yet to be discovered by the thousands that holiday here every year. Although some travellers believe that the Algarve is full of beaches and hotels, it’s got so much more on offer; from pretty flamingos to medieval castles. If you’re travelling to the Algarve with the whole family in tow, you’ll have a great time with these activities:

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Pego de Inferno, near Tavira, East Algarve

This place is one of the natural beauties that the Algarve has to offer; a gorgeous waterfall and forest green swimming lake. For years and years this place was hidden away, used and discovered only by locals, but it’s recently started to become more frequented by visitors. It’s literally hidden away in the base of a small valley, and can only be found by walking straight to it. If you go at nighttime you could easily believe you were on a tropical, secluded island. The walk down is worth it, even with little ones in tow.

Ria Formosa Natural Park

If you’re lucky, you’ll find real life pink flamingos here along with many other diverse types of bird. This varied educational centre is perfect for taking the children, as they’ll learn all kinds of interesting information about the Algarve, and something very famous in Portugal; the Portuguese water dog (bred to assist fishermen with catching fish!)


The whole family will love it here, with many families returning again and again. It’s a huge activity park, filled with beautiful aquatic animals to see and amazing shows to watch. Make sure you catch the dolphin and seal show, but don’t sit in the front row unless you’re ready to get absolutely soaked! Not only is the park entertainment for all, it’s educational too. Zoomarine is also one of the main rehabilitation centres for sea life that washes up on the beach, and you can meet some of these animals and hear their inspiring stories. This is an all round great day out with something for someone of every age!

Cycling Around the Algarve

One fantastic way to appreciate the Algarve and all of it’s beauty, is to cycle around it. The majority of the Algarve coastal area is flat, making it just perfect for exploring by bike. Not only will you be keeping fit and burning off some of those extra holiday calories, you’ll be having a great time sightseeing as a family!

There are so many more great family activities to enjoy in the Algarve, we’d run out of room if we listed them all! There are also numerous water parks, the lagos zoo, plenty of tranquil beaches, and medieval castles to explore. To make the most of your stay, rent in Albufeira in the centre of the Algarve, where you’ll find lots of luxury accommodation to suit your family’s needs!

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