Explore Crete: The Ultimate Adventure Guide

Crete is definitely a lot more than just another Greek Island. Crete has a big unique history, with great beaches, and lovely, friendly people. It has a couple of superb vineyards that wine lovers will love (who doesn’t love wine?), plus plenty more things to do and discover to keep your whole party entertained. Read on to really explore Crete in this ultimate adventure guide!

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Adventure Holidays In Crete

There are a variety of companies located on the island that offer adventure sports. You can choose to go mountain biking, trekking, horse riding and loads more. Here’s a list of just some of the things you can do:

  • Bungee Jumping. (not just any bungee jump though – a jump off Europe’s second highest gorge!)

  • Rock climbing.

  • Mountaineering.

  • Canyoning.

  • Rappelling.

  • Kayaking.

  • Mountain Biking.

  • Horse Riding/trekking.

  • Hiking.

  • Jeep safaris.

  • Walking tours.


As you can see, you won’t run out of adventure activities to take part in in Crete! There’s plenty to do here for the outdoor/active/adventure types…you can’t get bored!

Wine Tasting In Crete

Sometimes, after a heavy night on the wine, it can feel like we’ve been on a bloody good adventure. There’s plenty of places to get stuck into wine tasting in Crete, such as the ancient vineyard at Vathypetro, the vineyard in eastern Crete, plus smaller vineyards located in the west. In summer there are loads of wine tasting and cellar touring opportunities so don’t miss out!

Festival Island In Crete

The people of Crete LOVE to party, and festivals are the best kind of party in Crete! There’s lots of eating, music, dancing and getting merry – perfect for those who love a good knees up! Here are some popular festivals on the island:

  • Chestnut festival – any excuse for a party. The village squares all like to celebrate the harvesting of the chestnuts with eating, drinking, dancing and delicious roast chestnuts!

  • Sardine festival – this festival is always hosted on the first Monday in September at a little harbour down by the beach. Music is played, the people dance and there’s food and wine. What’s not to love?!

  • Sultana festival – the sultana festival is celebrated in exactly the same way as the other festivals. Dancing, drinking, and lots of food!

  • Tsikoudia festival – this festival starts at the end of the grape harvest. Tsikoudia has an alcohol content of 60% (get down there if you want to get a bit tipsy) and is served up in shot glasses. Probably accompanied with food, music and dancing!


As you can see, Crete is full of opportunities to drink, dance and eat to your hearts content. There’s no shortage of adventures here either, making it the perfect adventure holiday location! You can easily fly into Crete’s Heraklion airport and take your shuttle to your hotel to begin enjoying yourself ASAP! Don’t forget to pack your adventure holiday clothing, such as hiking boots, and comfy clothes to trek/cycle/bungee jump in. You may also need to take some paracetamol for those wine tasting trips!

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